Europe Virtual Data Byte - May 19

Europe Virtual Data Byte - May 19
Join us for the Europe Virtual Q1 Data Byte on May 19 (between 11:30am-1pm London Time). This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit.

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion, and networking. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face-to-face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend an information packed presentation. This virtual event is open to anyone around the world interested in attending.


This virtual event will feature two short presentations by:
Jonathan Smith & Paul Gibb, Petrosys will present on  "Linking structured data to unstructured data: An E&P industry collaboration to improve future decisions"
and Tanya Knowles, Oil and Gas Authority will present on "UK GIS System"

Abstract: Linking structured data to unstructured data: An E&P industry collaboration to improve future decisions

Businesses frequently make strategic decisions based on their analysis of structured data. Underpinning this is a large volume of unstructured data so ultimately an understanding of both is necessary – for example, in reviewing previous decisions there needs to be knowledge of the inputs that were used in the interpretations.

To achieve this, an in-depth understanding of the project data across the G&G application portfolio is needed in the first instance. This can be achieved by using connectors to extract detailed metadata from all geoscience applications regardless of vendor. Interica have practical experience in this area and will provide some insights into this technique in the E&P industry.

This insight can be coupled to some practical work done by sister company Petrosys to discover and categorise unstructured data using a Machine Learning approach which leverages the power of ElasticSearch. The unstructured data can then be catalogued in a database using the PPDM model and physical data such as well data, logs, seismic data, core samples and images, and reports can be associated with the structured data.

Through collaboration, Interica and Petrosys have developed routines to associate the classified and categorised unstructured data with the audited structured data. This collaboration allows data managers to retrieve a full inventory of their data, plan initiatives to improve data quality, remove duplicates or archive older and unused data where appropriate. By combining structured data to its underlying unstructured data, companies can therefore better understand their historic decision making and make future decisions safe in the knowledge they have all the information available.

Abstract: UK GIS System

The UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) aims to be a value creator; maximising economic recovery from the UK’s hydrocarbon resources and helping meet the UK’s energy demands, whilst supporting the industry’s energy transition and move to net zero carbon by 2050. Data sharing and availability is a key part of this.

Evolving from the simple provision of GIS data files for offshore information, the OGA has developed a GIS platform, consistently making new functionality, mapping applications, and data types available since 2016. The quality of the underlying data have significantly improved in that period. This talk will focus on the work done to provide spatial data and applications to industry users and the continued efforts to improve the quantity and quality of data the OGA make available.

Location & Agenda

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General Agenda:
11:30 AM - the Remo Platform will open for testing and networking at the tables
11:45 AM - Presentations will begin with the PPDM Association Update
11:55 PM - Sponsor Spotlight by Sword Energy
12:05 PM - Presentation by Jonathan and Paul
12:25 PM - Presentation by Tanya
12:45 PM - Please join us at the tables to network with your colleagues. Please be ready with your microphone and camera.
1:45 PM - The Remo Platform will close.

If you find you are no longer able to attend, please advise us of your cancellation as soon as possible to free up a space for another attendee.

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5/19/2021 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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