Perth Q1 Data Management Luncheon 2019

Perth Q1 Data Management Luncheon 2019
Please join us for the PPDM Association's Perth Q1 Data Management Luncheon on February 21, 2019 hosted by Inpex Corporation.

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion, and networking. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face-to-face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend an information packed presentation.


Peter Nicholson, Information Quality
will present a talk entitled

 "Is Simplification The Key To Effective Data Management"


Our technological capability for gathering, storing and presenting information is improving exponentially, and is rapidly outgrowing our ability, appetite and budget for the validation and interrogation of available Information.

As Information becomes easier and cheaper to produce, deliver and access, the focus in some industries is becoming predominantly quantity driven and our underlying reliance on the quality of the presented information is becoming diluted by the sheer volume of information being managed.

By carefully and systematically evaluating available information against business requirements and real-world utilisation models, the ability to better manage our information - to provide reliable, retrievable and relevant decision support materials – can be effectively managed in the information era.

We need to return to first principles in our information management requirements definition - to interrogate not just what we CAN get, but what we need to support our business drivers and processes, what we can afford and what we have the ability and appetite to maintain moving forward

This talk will present real world strategies, examples and case studies to create discussion regarding the age-old question – Quantity or Quality?

Speakers Bio

Peter Nicholson is an Engineering Information Management Consultant and Director at Information Quality. Peter has over 30 years’ experience developing, implementing and auditing Engineering Information and Commissioning Management systems and processes on some of the world’s largest Mega-Projects and within first tier operating organisations.

As a founding partner of Information Quality, Peter plays an active role in mentoring IQ’s employees with a focus on continual improvement and innovation within industry.

Access the Event Flyer here.

Location and Timing

This luncheon will take place at Inpex in the Kaatatjin room, Level 22, Enex100 - 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000.

The lunch, thank you to DataCo, will begin at 12:00pm and end at 1:30pm. If you have any food allergies please let us know during the registration process. If you find you are no longer able to attend, please advise us of your cancellation as soon as possible to free up a space for another attendee.

Non-Member Rate Update

Special for the Australia area, the new Non-Member luncheon rate will be temporarily suspended, making this luncheon free to attend for both members and non-member.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who support these events which are aimed at enhancing your ability to deliver better data management practices within your company as well as the building of a data management Community in the Perth area. A special thanks to our sponsors for hosting this event. Without the support of sponsors, events of this nature would not be possible.

Thank you to our Event Sponsor


If you would like more information on the PPDM Association events or opportunities for sponsorship, please feel free to contact us.

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