Perth Q1 Hybrid Energy Data Luncheon 2023

Perth Q1 Hybrid Energy Data Luncheon 2023
Join us on March 9, 2023, for our next Perth Hybrid Energy Data Luncheon. This event is eligible for one professional development unit.

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Daniel Austin, Head of Business Development, Earth Science Analytics
will present a talk entitled
"Building a sustainable legacy from data: insights from applied machine learning projects"

The process of finding suitable sites for CO2 storage requires a robust and reliable 3D mapping of the subsurface with a quantitative measure of uncertainty.  Any workflow to study potential sites for carbon storage include, evaluations petrophysical and elastic properties at well scale, for the main reservoir units, screening, and structural mapping (3D seismic interpretation of horizons and faults) of the potential carbon storage sites, followed by quantitative interpretation (3D elastic and petrophysical properties.

Current storage targets are often depleted fields, saline aquifers or prospects outside of hydrocarbon fields which creates a unique set of problems for geological assessment.Due the sparse amount of data available over suggested storage sites it is very difficult to accurately assess the physical rock and fluid properties of candidate reservoirs which have a significant impact on the safe operation of carbon storage sites.

Advances in machine learning- particularly when applied to geoscience challenges show great potential to provide new ways of working with legacy data and support innovative new workflows for CCS.  

The goal of this talk is to demonstrate how machine learning creates value today- especially in supporting G&G workflows. We will present and discuss a set of case studies from commercial projects where screening, characterization and monitoring tasks are tackled through applied machine learning.

In each case we start with data collected in support of the exploration and production of petroleum and combine it with state of the art machine learning tools to provide a clearer picture of the subsurface.

Location and Timing

This event will take place at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety - Level 2, 1 Adelaide Terrace East Perth WA 6004. Parking options are available in this map. Registration will open at 12:00 PM, followed by lunch and the presentation.

This is the tentative agenda for the event:
12:00 PM - Registration and Lunch
12:30 PM - Welcome & PPDM Update
12:40 PM - Sponsor presentation
12:45 PM - Main Presentation
1:25 PM - Wrap up and Networking
1:30 PM - Event Ends

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3/9/2023 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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