Adelaide Public Training

Adelaide Public Training
Please join us on for our Adelaide Public Training the afternoon of August 19 - featuring the classes 'What Is A Well' and 'What Is A Completion'
Join PPDM's CEO Trudy Curtis for Public Training. A flyer is available for this event.  Please consider signing up for the Adelaide Luncheon taking place before this training.


Course Description

Two classes will be combined for this training event between 1:00-5:00PM.
PDM-002: What Is A Well
- In an age of integrated data, using words clearly and consistently is critical to success. This course helps you understand why and how the language used to describe various components of a well has diverged over time, which has made clear communication difficult. We’ll help you navigate global semantic differences and understand the components of a well. In addition, we review the ground-breaking work done by the collaborative industry project "What is a Well" (WIAW), and the WIAW interactive tool, baseline definitions, representative diagrams, and baseline comparisons.
PDM-003: What Is A Completion
- In this session you will explore terminology related to Completion, gaining an appreciation for the impact to industry because of divergent and imprecise semantics. We will walk you through business and technical concepts embedded in the term "completion" and explore faceted taxonomies and how they apply to data management. Discuss how each “completion” concept is important to different user communities though the life cycle, and understand relationships between the terms “well” as applied in “what is a well” and “completion” as applied in “What is a Completion?”.


This classes will take place will take place at the SRA Offices, L6, 25 Franklin Street, Adelaide, 5000.


Price Per Class: $125 USD for members, $225 USD for non-members
Note, Individual membership is only $100 USD

Questions & Concerns

For questions and concerns, please contact Cancellation information is available on our Terms and Conditions page.
Space is limited, please register early.

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