Dallas/Fort Worth Public Training

Dallas/Fort Worth Public Training
Please join us for Training in Dallas/Fort Worth on March 6, 2019
Join PPDM's CEO Trudy Curtis for Public Training. Note: This Training is NOT a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Data Management Workshop.


Course Description

Two classes will be available for this event.
8:00-12:00 PM - "What Is A Well" and "Well Status & Classification" - both classes are together for this morning.
  • "What Is A Well:" In an age of integrated data, making sure that you are using words clearly and consistently is critical to success. This course helps you understand why and how the language that is used to describe the various components of a well has diverged over time, making clear communication difficult. We help you navigate global semantic differences and understand exactly what the components of a well are. In addition, we review the ground-breaking work done by the collaborative industry project "What is a Well" (WIAW), and we review the WIAW interactive tool, baseline definitions, representative diagrams, and baseline comparisons.
  • "Well Status & Classification:" This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of how well status and classification systems are used in industry. We explore challenges associated with many diverse industry status and classification vocabularies. A method for reconciling these systems to a single disambiguation standard (including plot symbols) is laid out.
1:00-5:00 PM - "Business Life Cycle of the Well"
  • "Business Life Cycle Of The Well:" The life cycle of wells can be decades long, and encompasses complex business processes on the part of many stakeholders. Stewarding data for all stakeholders requires a clear knowledge of these processes and how they interrelate. This course provides a general overview of the business life cycle of the well within the petroleum asset life cycle, including planning, drilling, completing, producing, and disposing. The course is directed at organizational analysts, business analysts, enterprise architects, solution architects, and information technology personnel who require an overview of the primary business phases and business processes within the petroleum industry. We focus on business processes, using an operating company as the basis.
Classes can be purchased independently or together. Members will save on the purchase of both the morning and afternoon classes.

Timing & Location

The first class will take place on March 6 between 8:00 AM and 12:00PM, The second class will follow at 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

These classes will take place at the Microsoft Las Colinas Campus - 7000 N State Highway 161, Irving, Texas 750396.


Price Per Class: $250 USD for each class
Members will save $50 by purchasing both the morning and afternoon classes.

Questions & Concerns

For questions and concerns, please contact training@ppdm.org. Cancellation information is available on our Terms and Conditions page.
Space is limited, please register early. This event is NOT a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Data Management Workshop.

Thank You to Our Venue Host


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