Australia Public Training

Australia Public Training
Please join us on for our Australia Public Training the morning of August 25 - featuring three one-hour classes. This training session will be worth three CPDA Professional Development Units (PDUs).
Join the PPDM Association for our Australia Public Training.  Please consider signing up for the Australia Workshop taking place the two days following this training.


Course Description

Three one-hour classes will be offered through this virtual event on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 (Australia TIme):
An Overview of the OSDU- Daniel Perna, EPAM Systems
- More information to come!
- Short Biography: Daniel Perna is a Business Consultant for Upstream Oil & Gas with EPAM Systems, specializing in data strategy. He has over 11 years experience in Upstream E&P with roles in business unit geoscience, enterprise subsurface and well data management, data governance, master data management, data quality, business analysis, data integrations, and training. Daniel is a PPDM Certified Petroleum Data Analyst, a member of multiple PPDM committees, and leads the Well Delivery Process project of OSDU.

Introduction to Machine Learning - Lewis Matthews, West Texas Data Science Institute
- More information to come!
- Short Biography: Lewis Matthews was born and raised in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. At the age of 17 he emigrated to the USA and enlisted in the United States Navy where he served for 9 years as a Corpsman with Marines. Since then Lewis has received several degrees including economics, geology, and an MS in geophysics and seismology during which he independently discovered fractal clustering in petrophysical logs. He currently works for CrownQuest Operating as a data scientist where he evangelizes solutions to complex problems. To encourage understanding and broad collaboration across companies Lewis teaches machine learning applications for oil and gas  problems. These workshops have proven to be incredibly popular and helpful to enhance the general understanding of the strengths and limits of these incredibly hyped technologies.

Introduction to Data Governance - Kevin Brunel, Brunel Analytics
- Data Governance is a topic that is daunting for many professionals. The idea of governance elicits visions of massive bureaucracies and mountains of paperwork. Governance is integral to any organizational data management effort, and it doesn’t need to take years before the value becomes evident. This session is intended to provide a practical overview of governance topics and is intended to impart practical knowledge as well as whet the appetite of the attendees for deeper dives into specific topics. The course will consist of modules covering Organizational Change and Planning as well as Master Data Management and Data Governance Architecture. Attendees should leave with some practical approaches to leverage within their organization, and an idea of where they may need to focus to ensure data management success.
- Short Biography: Kevin’s career in data management and data-driven software application development spans more than two decades. As a consultant, he spent several years providing business analysis, project management, and solution delivery management services to companies in the oil and gas industry, including ConocoPhillips/ Phillips 66, Williams, Great White, and others. In early 2013, Kevin entered Devon Energy as a business analyst with Noah Consulting, kicking off the Engineering Data Management program. From 2013 until this year, Kevin led Business Process Management and Subsurface Data Management teams at Devon. In 2019, Kevin returned to Data Management and Analytics consulting, and also serves on the PPDM Board of Directors.


The timing for this event will be as follows:
- 9:00-10:00am (Perth Time) - OSDU Information Session by Daniel Perna, EPAM
- 10:15-11:15am (Perth Time) - Introduction to Machine Learning by Lewis Matthews, West Texas Data Science Institute
- 11:30-12:30pm (Perth Time) - Introduction to Data Governance by Kevin Brunel, Brunel Analytics

All three courses are included in the registration fee for the morning.

For alternate time zones, the first class will begin at:
- 9:00 am in the timezone for Perth, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and P.R. China
- 8:00 am in the timezone for Thailand, Vietnam, and Jakarta
- 10:30 am in the timezone for Adelaide
- 11:00 am in the timezone for Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney
- 12:00 pm in the timezone for Papua New Guinea
- 1:00 pm in the timezone for New Zealand
- 8:00 pm on August 24 in the Central USA Timezone (Oklahoma City, Houston)


This will be a virtual event using our new Remo platform. There is a link for this specific training:  It is important that you register by August 24th so you can be added into the system - you will receive an email from Remo with the link and how to set up an account, you may need to check your junk mail folder for the email. We recommend you read our 'How To' document for helpful hints to log in. For any technical help, please email


Price: $50 USD for members, $75 USD for non-members. There is a 50% discount available for those who have registered for the Australia Workshop taking place August 26-27, 2020. Discount must be applied at time of registration and cannot be retroactively added.
Note, Individual membership is only $100 USD per year.

Professional Development Units

This event is eligible for:
To learn more about Professional Development Units (PDU) and the CPDA Certification Program, please visit our Certification Page.

Questions & Concerns

For questions and concerns, please contact Cancellation information is available on our Terms and Conditions page.

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