Brisbane Data Management Workshop

Brisbane Data Management Workshop
Please join us July 30 for the 2015 Brisbane Data Management Workshop!

"Keep Calm and Manage Your Data; aligning data management with a low price environment"

Event Description

Please join us at the Sofitel Hotel for the 2015 Brisbane Data Management Workshop. We invite you to come and participate as we work together towards collective action and community building.

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion and networking. You can expect to participate in numerous discussions, workshops and activities. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face to face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend information packed presentations. The Venue, AV, Food & Beverage have been generously donated by Santos.



The agenda for the Brisbane Data Management Workshop is now available.

SCHEDULE - 2015 Brisbane Data Management Workshop  2015 Brisbane Data Management Workshop

Who Should Attend This Event?

On average 15% of our attendees are at the Executive level, 37% are at a Senior Management or Director level, 28% are mid-level managers and 20% are students, entry level data management professionals or individuals who are looking to find out more about the industry. You will find a wide variety of data management professionals at a PPDM Association conference, and many at senior levels. Most commonly you will find the following professionals in attendance:

• Business Development Managers
• Data / Information Architects
• IT Managers
• Data Analysts
• Data Managers
• Directors, Principles & Advisors
• Research Analysts
• GIS Analysts
• Geophysicists
• Geoscientists

Field Trip Information

As a part of the agenda, a field trip will be organized for the attendees to enjoy. This Field Trip has been generously sponsored by CLTech.
The Field Trip will be a short field excursion specifically for technical data managers and other IM and IT staff (librarians, content managers, document managers, database administrators, application support staff and others) who work with geo-technical and petro-technical data types but may not have had the opportunity to see the geology that they are describing and analyzing in the field.

Learning objectives and proof points:

  • Build and refresh staff’s capability to relate their day to day activities to the science and technology of petroleum exploration and production
  • Work with geo-technical data in the larger context of geologic processes and concepts
  • Enhance communications and shared understanding between geo-technical professionals and data management staff
  • Understand and appreciate that it’s “all about the rocks”

The field trip will visit outcrops of Triassic and Jurassic sandstones from the Moreton basin, in one road outcrop to observe the depositional setting, and in deposits that will allow close observation and handling of the rocks, and in an environment that promotes understanding of the hydrocarbon lifecycle.

From a data management point of view, we will consider the following through field observation:

  • Scale of data available from data sources such as seismic and well logs
  • What properties are measured in petro-technical data
  • Importance of Units of Measure
  • Interpolation and extrapolation of acquired and processed data
  • Geospatial location of petro-technical data and uncertainty
  • Value and preservation of physical sample data

The sandstones and coals of the Moreton basin are potential source and reservoir rocks for the petroleum and coal resources of the Clarence-Moreton Basin.


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Our Sponsorship Deadline has now passed. Thank you to our generous sponsors for helping to make this event possible!

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Our Abstracts Deadline has passed for this event. For more information, please contact us. Please note that speakers will be given a 50% discount off the conference registration fee (Exclusions may apply). Confirmed speakers must register a minimum of 1 month ahead of the event or risk loosing their speaking spot.

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