Machine Learning Workshop - Calgary

Machine Learning Workshop - Calgary
Please join us in Calgary October 24-25, 2019, for a two day hands-on Machine Learning Workshop with Lewis Matthews and his team from West Texas Data Science Institute. This event is eligible for 14 CPDA Professional Development Units.
This hands-on class will focus on how to apply machine learning techniques to petrophysical and geological problems where students will walk away from the class with actual code and real data to start playing around with work-related problems. If you aren’t familiar with programming this is a great opportunity to learn and if you aren’t familiar with machine learning then you are about to discover it isn’t rocket science (when it works). There are limited spots available for this Workshop - book early to save your place.

Lewis Matthews was born and raised in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. At the age of 17 he emigrated to the USA and enlisted in the United States Navy where he served for 9 years as a Corpsman with Marines. Since then Lewis has received several degrees including  economics, geology, and an MS in geophysics and seismology during which he independently discovered fractal clustering in petrophysical logs. He currently works for CrownQuest Operating as a data scientist where he evangelizes solutions to complex problems. To encourage understanding and broad collaboration across companies Lewis teaches machine learning applications for oil and gas problems. These workshops have proven to be incredibly popular and helpful to enhance the general understanding of the strengths and limits of these incredibly hyped technologies.

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The location for this event is the Ramada Hotel Downtown - 708 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.


Day 1 (October 24)
8:30-9:00am        Registration & Breakfast (included)
9:00-11:00am      Install and configure toolboxes
11:00-12:00pm    Divide up into teams based on experience
12:00-1:00pm      Lunch (included)
1:00-5:00pm        Introduction to Machine Learning

Day 2 (October 25)
8:00-9:00am       Breakfast (included)
9:00-12:00pm     Applied Machine Learning
12:00-1:00pm     Lunch (included)
1:00-5:00pm       Team Assignments


Throughout the course of this jammed-packed two-days, you will cover a broad array of topics, which include:
  • Configure environment
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, and Bokeh
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Scikit-Learn
  • Introduction to KNN regression
  • Introduction to SVM regression
  • Introduction to Recursive Feature Elimination
  • Introduction to Cross Validation
  • Introduction to hyperparameter tuning
  • Applied machine learning with petrophysics and EDR.
Students are not expected to have experience and will be taught as though they've never written a program or taken a machine learning class. A student with reasonable programming knowledge, the student should be able to apply these workflows to work related petrophysical and geologic applications at the end of the second day. The language used is Python and there are several free toolboxes that will be used.

Workshop Benefits

The students will:
(1) See real world examples of how operators are applying this technology to field operations while,
(2) gaining an appreciation of the domain complexity.

The skills acquired will vary depending on the level of experience. For beginners, students will gain basic machine learning skills they can build on. For ML experts, students will see cutting edge implementations in O&G they can build on.

Note: All the code and data is available for the students after the class. The dataset consists of 5 wells with open hole logs and electronic drilling dynamics. Students are free to research and publish, using the data provided under a creative commons license.


This Workshop includes two days of learning, breakfast, lunch, breaks and beverages. Attendees are responsible for bringing their own laptops with administrator rights.

PPDM Members: $450 CAD until October 10, 2019. $550 CAD after October 11, 2019.
Non-Members: $650 CAD until October 10, 2019. $750 USD after October 11, 2019. (Note: PPDM Individual memberships are only $100!)

Professional Development Units

This event is eligible for:
To learn more about Professional Development Units (PDU) and the CPDA Certification Program, please visit our Certification Page.

Additional Information

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10/24/2019 - 10/25/2019

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