CGDMS Presents: January 2019

CGDMS Presents: January 2019
Join the CGDMS for their January Lunch and Learn
Please join the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society on January 15, 2019, for their monthly "CGDMS Presents" Luncheon. The next  talk on January 15, 2019 is 'Google, Communication and Geoscientific Value' and will be presented by Marc Boulet and Jessica Galbraith of Cenovus Energy Inc. Their talk covers two topics: 1) Google Your Way To Maximising Geoscientific Value - Although there is an exponential increase in data collection within oil and gas companies, access to the data for meaningful subsurface interpretation is constrained by the limited toolkits many geoscientists have at their disposal. We propose some methodologies and open-source software tools that can provide more efficient access to structured and unstructured data, thereby enabling geoscientists to make full use of this valuable resource. and 2) Communicating The Value In GeoScience: Decision Making Under Uncertainty - Ask any geoscientist and they will tell you that the work they do is highly valuable, and explain its value by telling you what they do and how they do it. They may talk about well logs, or seismic data or a mapping technique, but if you’re not a geoscientist, the value message may not be evident. The reason for this is that the geoscientist is speaking a language you do not understand. The majority of workers in the oil and gas industry, including most decision makers, are not geoscientists. Because of this, geoscientists need more universal methods to effectively communicate the value of what they do along with the associated risks.

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