CGDMS Presents: June 2019

CGDMS Presents: June 2019
Join the CGDMS for their June Lunch and Learn
Please join the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society on June 18, 2019, for their monthly "CGDMS Presents" Luncheon. The next talk on June 18, 2019 will feature Wes Baird from geoLOGIC systems presenting "Folders & You - A Data Journey of Enlightenment."

There are lots of reports available on the web. In this talk I will explore using one from Geoscience BC, doing a deep dive into files & the data within those files to create a BI dashboard. I will demonstrate how you can use Microsoft’s Power Query technology (available in Power BI & Excel) to explore the files meta-data and how to use it on a single Excel file deep dive. By the end of this talk, a methodology will have been demonstrated that as geodata managers, you leverage to use these types of files and turn them into valuable information or insights for your organization

Bio: A senior E&P data management expert that is probably known for this work over the years with the PPDM organization & the well/meta-data modules. Recently, Wes has embarked on a journey of data empowerment via using tools and capabilities within the Microsoft stack. Not there aren’t other technologies available, it’s just that there are only so many hours in the day…

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