CGDMS Presents: June 2020

CGDMS Presents:  June 2020
Join the CGDMS team for their virtual luncheon on June 4, 2020

You are invited to join the CGDMS for their event "Seismic Acquisition Data Challenges - What Data is Required" on June 4, 2020, from 1-2pm MDT.

Presented by Andrea Crook of OptiSeis Solutions Ltd.

Numerous datasets are required for a seismic acquisition survey design including imagery, LiDAR, surface shapefiles, seismic, geologic, and well data. By ensuring that the input data is easily accessible and in compatible formats, a more accurate seismic design plan can be created. During field operations many useful datasets are acquired in addition to the seismic data such as drill logs documenting near surface composition, utility locates, and exclusion shapefiles. These datasets can provide value not only for future seismic surveys (in particular, 4D repeats), but may also be used for non-seismic operations (well pad planning, identifying gravel deposits, etc.). Unfortunately, not all of these datasets get archived along with the seismic data and valuable information can be lost. In this presentation, we will review the datasets required for design as well as the datasets generated during field operations. By tracking and managing these datasets, there may be an opportunity to provide some cost and/or time saving procedures for your organization.

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