CGDMS Presents: March 2020

CGDMS Presents: March 2020
Join the CGDMS March 2020 Lunch and Learn
Join the CGDMS March 17th  at 11:45 for a discussion about Geomechanical Data


Why Is Public Geomechanical Data So Hard to Find in AB and BC?
Geomechanics involves determining in situ earth stresses using wellbore data for a variety of useful applications such as wellbore stability analysis, hydraulic fracture modeling and more. A complete geomechanical analysis relies on a data set that is fairly unique to the discipline, which means that historically the data needed have received far less attention than more commonly used data types. This talk will address several primary sources of important geomechanical information, including image logs and triaxial core tests, and will discuss how and why finding high-quality data in the public record in both Alberta and British Columbia is so incredibly difficult. The hope is that by presenting the issues currently at hand, a dialog may be started that could lead to improvements in data submission and accessibility. The talk should be interesting to practitioners, regulators, service companies, operators and those simply curious about geomechanics and geomechanical data.
Brief bio:
Amy holds an undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of New Hampshire and a Doctorate in Geophysics from Stanford University, specializing in geomechanics. She has worked in the realm of geomechanical consulting since 1998. She moved to Calgary in 2011, and in 2015 she co-founded Enlighten Geoscience Ltd. where she addresses a variety of geomechanics issues for a wide range of clients both in Canada and globally. Amy loves “spreading the geomechanics gospel” to anyone who will listen!

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