CGDMS Learning: March 2023

CGDMS Learning: March 2023
Join the CGDMS team for their virtual event on March 29, 2023

You are invited to join the CGDMS for their event "Leveraging Geoscience Data in Engineering-Driven Workflows" by Karine King, S&P Global, on March 29, from 12-1pm MDT.

Leveraging Geoscience Data in Engineering-Driven Workflows is essential for O&G companies who seek to maximize the value of geoscience data when optimizing oil and gas production from reservoirs. The presentation will include an overview of the latest techniques, tools, and strategies for leveraging geoscience data in engineering projects, with a focus on improving efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

I will provide practical advice on how to integrate geoscience data into various stages of the engineering workflow, from exploration and development to production and decommissioning. I will cover a wide range of topics, including data acquisition and management, modeling and simulation, risk analysis, and environmental impact assessment.

The solution is highly accessible and user-friendly, with clear explanations, case studies, and real-world examples. I will draw on my extensive experience in the industry to provide valuable insights and best practices for leveraging geoscience data effectively.

Overall, Leveraging Geoscience Data in Engineering-Driven Workflows is a must for any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve in the O&G industry. It is an invaluable resource for professionals who seek to optimize their workflows, reduce costs, and achieve better outcomes.

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