Asia Pacific Virtual Data Byte Q1 2022

Asia Pacific Virtual Data Byte Q1 2022
Join us March 9 from 1:00-2:15pm Brisbane time for the Asia Pacific Virtual Data Byte. This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit.

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Neil Constantine, Sword Energy,
will present a talk entitled,
"Seismic in the Cloud - That’s Easy and Cheap, Right?"

Moving seismic data sets from physical media and on-prem disk to cloud based storage is an appealing model and has gained significant attention in recent years. Much of this interest stems from changes in our personal use of cloud-based services, but how successful are these models when applied at the industrial scale on multi-petabyte seismic libraries? This presentation will use recent experience and worked examples to identify and help you assess what factors you need to consider when looking at moving your organisation’s data to the cloud.

Firstly, what are the pre-requisites that you should have in-place prior to defining and implementing a successful cloud strategy? Regardless of technology, there are some Data Management 101’s that you should address ahead of cloud as they either deliver greater benefit for your data users and data owners, or they are required for your cloud storage model to function as intended.

Then, the ability to realise cost-savings is often cited as a reason for moving to cloud. Whilst on-going storage at archive levels in public cloud is well under one cent per gigabyte per month, what are the other costs involved that aren’t so obvious? We consider these with worked examples to help understand the return on investment and help define what budget you will be asking your project sponsor for at the outset.

Once your data is in the cloud, what benefits can you expect to realise beyond any potential storage cost reduction? This is the upside to any investment. What cycle time reductions or workflow improvements should you expect to see, and how can you identify and accelerate the realisation of these?

Finally, the presentation explores options for improved collaboration across joint venture partners and regulators to reduce project costs. Whilst maintaining a technology and vendor-neutral standpoint, what are the new and emerging concepts that we should have in mind as we look to update our existing approach to seismic data management with a cloud-first strategy?

Every operator working with seismic data will have a different view based on their particular facts and aspirations for seismic data storage and use. No single answer is right for every operator in every scenario, but this presentation presents the common themes to understand and assess when working out what your organisation’s approach to seismic in the cloud should be.

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11:00-1:15pm Perth and Malaysia Time
10:00-11:15 am Jakarta Time

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The general agenda for this event:
12:45 pm - Platform opens up, attendees login, and networking time
1:00 pm - Introductory remarks & PPDM update
1:10 pm - Presentation by our speaker
1:45-2:15 pm - Networking time with other attendees


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