Data Bytes Virtual Event - February 11

Data Bytes Virtual Event - February 11
Please join us on February 11, 2021, for our next Data Bytes Virtual Event! This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit.

Welcome to our Data Bytes Virtual Event!

PPDM Association Data Bytes events are regular short one and a half hour virtual events designed to inform and educate the community, while also providing valuable virtual networking opportunities. Thank you to the Calgary Leadership Team for coordinating this event.


Dr Venkat Putcha, Senior Data Scientist, OspreyData
Will present a talk entitled
"Data Science Workflow for Automated Simulation and History Matching"

Description: An effective digital twin can emulate the behavior of a physical system and can be utilized to understand trends, analyze and improve the performance of assets. Currently, live streaming sensor data, production data, and asset metadata can be stored and accessed from the cloud. Owing to this, it is possible to develop and update these digital twins emulating assets on the fly. Such a system requires a detailed workflow that creates a handshaking protocol between physical and simulated data. The data science workflow for developing and maintaining such a system involves managing different forms of data streams, profiling assets, data-cleanup, integration of different elements of data, and massive-scale automated simulation. Further, the simulated models need to be validated using historical data, calibrated, and updated using current physical data. This requires a history matching engine capable of doing so. This presentation will cover the methodology, challenges, and benefits of developing such a workflow. 

Presenter biography: Dr. Venkat Putcha, Senior Data Scientist, OspreyData leads the charge in developing OspreyData’s Production Analytics solutions, focusing on targeting inefficiencies for gas lift and other lift types. Venkat brings a decade of experience exploring the facets of simulation, fieldwork, and data science in optimizing production. He started his career in the oil and gas industry as a production engineer for ONGC, India’s biggest oil and gas producer, where he optimized oil production & gas usage through field visits and by developing simulation models to clear bottlenecks in the production systems of the Gandhar oilfields. He later pursued and obtained a Ph.D at Penn State with a focus on developing machine learning-powered simulations for gas lift optimization, after which he joined OspreyData in 2017. 

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Location and Timing

This virtual luncheon will take place on our virtual platform on February 11 at 11:30am Mountain Canada/USA time. This will be a virtual event using our Remo platform -  It is important that you register 24 hours in advance so you can be added into the system - you will receive an email from Remo with the link and how to set up an account, you may need to check your junk mail folder for the email. The email you register with is the email added to Remo, so if you need a different email used, please let us know. We recommend you read our 'How To' document for helpful hints to log in. For any technical help, please email

The general agenda for this event:
15 minutes - Platform opens up, attendees login, and networking time
5 minute PPDM update
5-10 minute sponsor spotlight
25 minute presentation
15-20 minute panel discussion on Automation
15 minutes of networking time with other attendees


Members: Free
Non-Members: $10 (towards Admin fees)
Registration is required in advance to attend this event.

Professional Development Units

This event is eligible for:
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Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who support the new Data Bytes events within our data management community!

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