Data Bytes Virtual Event - May 12

Data Bytes Virtual Event - May 12
Please join us on May 12, 2021, for our next Data Bytes Virtual Event! This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit. *Note the New Date*

Welcome to our Data Bytes Virtual Event!

PPDM Association Data Bytes events are regular short one and a half hour virtual events designed to inform and educate the community, while also providing valuable virtual networking opportunities. Thank you to the Denver Leadership Team for coordinating this event.


Alex Bump, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
will present a talk entitled
"Carbon Capture and Storage: New Life for Old Data"

Driven by growing concerns about climate change, investors, governments and companies around the world are increasingly looking for ways to reduce or eliminate their carbon emissions.  With current global emissions of ~35 billion tons/year, it is an enormous challenge that will require all available solutions, including renewable energy sources, improved efficiency, fuel switching, changes in land use and carbon capture and storage (CCS).  The latter is the practice of capturing CO2 from point sources and sequestering it deep underground, using the same sort of reservoirs and seals that hold naturally-occurring hydrocarbons. CCS is unique in its ability to abate process emissions (such as the manufacture of cement, steel, ethanol and petrochemicals), to decarbonize dispatchable combustion-based power and even to create negative carbon emissions when combined with bio-energy or Direct Air Capture (literally filtering CO2 from ambient air).

At present, the CCS industry is in its infancy but a wide range of projects are in development and many more are in negotiation behind closed doors. In the US, interest in CCS is skyrocketing, driven largely by that 45Q tax credit that offers $50/ton for geologic storage of CO2.  Recent bipartisan proposed changes could increase that to $90/ton, making a wider range of CO2 sources economic for commercial CCS. The capture side naturally invites the participation of many different industries, but the storage side depends almost exclusively on the petroleum industry. There is a steep learning curve to go from hydrocarbon exploration and production to CCS but data, skills and operational experience are all transferrable.  Indeed, the National Petroleum Council estimates that deploying CCS at scale could create 230,000 new annual jobs in the US and export expertise around the world. This talk will give an overview of CCS, the business considerations involved, the data required and the current outlook.

Location and Timing

This virtual luncheon will take place on our virtual platform on May 12 at 11:45am Mountain USA time. This will be a virtual event using our Remo platform -  It is important that you register 24 hours in advance so you can be added into the system - you will receive an email from Remo with the link and how to set up an account, you may need to check your junk mail folder for the email. The email you register with is the email added to Remo, so if you need a different email used, please let us know. We recommend you read our 'How To' document for helpful hints to log in. For any technical help, please email

The general agenda for this event:
11:45 AM – Attendees can access the platform and network with other attendees
12:00 PM – Introduction & PPDM Association Update
12:10 PM – Sponsor Spotlight
12:20 PM – Main Presentation by Alex Bump
12:50 PM – Wrap up comments & Networking


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