Dallas/ Fort Worth Data Management Q3 Luncheon 2019

Dallas/ Fort Worth Data Management Q3 Luncheon 2019
Join us for the Dallas/ Fort Worth Data Management Luncheon on September 10, 2019.

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion, and networking. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face-to-face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend an information packed presentation.


Joseph Pauly
Data Scientist at Pioneer Natural Resources
will present a talk entitled
"Leveraging Deep Learning for Improved Predictive Analytics"

Long term production of hydrocarbons from a well often requires application of artificial lifts, and the sucker rod pump (SRP) is the most common artificial lift for vertical oil wells. In every US basin, legacy vertical wells produce significantly lower volumes of oil compared to their horizontal well peers, but their operating costs are comparable. This results in a higher cost on a per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) basis. Automated sucker rod pump diagnostics can reduce operating costs by enabling proactive well optimization and maintenance. Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, can be applied on preexisting data to improve automated sucker rod pump analytics and the predictability of well failures.

Location and Timing

The location for this luncheon is Pioneer Natural Resources’ offices located at 5205 N. O’Connor Blvd, Irving, TX.  Please park in the parking garage on the west side and please bring your parking ticket with you to the luncheon so it can be validated by Pioneer staff. Please go to Suite 200 on the second floor where you will sign in. You will then be directed to the meeting room which is down the hall.

Registration will take place from 11:15 to 11:30 outside the meeting room. Lunch will be served at 11:30. If you have any food allergies please let us know during the registration process. If you find you are no longer able to attend, please advise us of your cancellation as soon as possible to free up a space for another attendee.


Members: Free
Non-Members: $35 (towards Admin fees)
*Starting August 1, 2019, Walk In Attendees will be charged the non-member rate to attend. Please ensure you register to attend prior to the event, and have proof of payment ready if registered within 24 hours of the event.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who support these events which are aimed at enhancing your ability to deliver better data management practices within your company as well as the building of a data management Community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A special thanks to our sponsors for hosting this event. Without the support of sponsors, events of this nature would not be possible.

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