Europe Virtual Data Byte - February 3

Europe Virtual Data Byte - February 3
Join us for the Europe Virtual Q1 Data Byte on February 3 (between 11:30am-1pm London Time). This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit.

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion, and networking. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face-to-face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend an information packed presentation. This virtual event is open to anyone around the world interested in attending.


This virtual event will feature two short presentations by:
Susan Walsh, the Classification Guru
"Make Sure Your Data Has Its COAT On"
David Lecore, Oil & Gas Authority
"UK Well Summary Data - Creation of a Single Version of the Truth"

Make Sure Your Data has its COAT On:  We all think we know what bad data looks like, but what is it and what are the consequences? Susan Walsh, The Classification Guru has spent nearly a decade classifying, normalising and cleansing spend data and will share real-life examples of dirty data, and the consequences it has on the output, such as decision making, reporting, analytics, AI and machine learning. She will share with you how to make quick, accurate checks and changes to your own data in excel, regardless of your level of experience, explain why data accuracy and maintenance is so important and implement best practices for this.
- The importance of data accuracy
- The consequences of dirty data
- How to ensure data accuracy
- Make sure your data has its COAT on
- How to spot check your data

UK Well Summary Data - Creation of a Single Version of the Truth: In 2019 the UK’s Oil and Gas Authority launched the first UK National Data Repository (NDR) for petroleum related data. Prior to the NDR launch, most licensees reported their wellbore data to, a service run by a subsidiary of OGUK, which is the trade association that represents the UK oil and gas industry. The well headers for had initially come from the OGA’s ‘well consenting system’ (WONS), however updates and corrections were difficult to make to WONS, so allowed edits to their headers. The result? The UK had two diverging systems for well header information – neither of which represented the ‘truth’. This paper will talk about the work carried out to reconcile differences which, once reconciled, would allow the OGA’s WONS system to become ‘the’ single version of the truth and describe the ongoing work to improve quality and completeness of WONS header data.

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Location & Agenda

This will be a virtual event using our Remo platform - is important that you register by February 2nd so you can be inputted into the system - you will receive an email from Remo with the link and how to set up an account, you may need to check your junk mail folder for the email. We recommend you read our 'How To' document for helpful hints to log in, along with recommendations for a better experience and troubleshooting information. We also recommend you try Remos test page before starting. For any technical help, please email

General Agenda:
11:30 AM - the Remo Platform will open for testing and networking at the tables
11:45 AM - Presentations will begin with the PPDM Association Update
11:55 PM - Sponsor Spotlight by Schlumberger
12:05 PM - Presentation by Susan Walsh, Classification Guru
12:25 PM - Presentation by David Lecour, Oil & Gas Authority
12:45 PM - Please join us at the tables to network with your colleagues. Please be ready with your microphone and camera.
1:00 PM - The Remo Platform will close.

If you find you are no longer able to attend, please advise us of your cancellation as soon as possible to free up a space for another attendee.

Free Registration

This Luncheon is currently planned to be free to attend. Please register below to save your place, as spots are limited. Registration will close on February 2, so register early.

Professional Development Units

This event is eligible for:
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Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who support these events which are aimed at enhancing your ability to deliver better data management practices within your company as well as the building of a data management Community in the United Kingdom and Europe. A special thanks to our sponsors for hosting this event. Without the support of sponsors, events of this nature would not be possible.

Thank you to our Event Sponsor


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2/3/2021 4:30 AM - 6:00 AM
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