UK Q2 Data Management Luncheon & Mini-Workshop 2019

UK Q2 Data Management Luncheon & Mini-Workshop 2019
Join us for the Q2 Data Management Luncheon and Mini-Workshop at the IHS Markit Offices on May 22, 2019

PPDM Association Events are specifically designed to facilitate collaborative idea sharing, discussion, and networking. Learn from your colleagues’ experiences, ask questions, build relationships and make key face-to-face connections. Engage in dynamic sessions and attend an information packed presentation.


This Luncheon and Mini-Workshop will feature two short presentations followed by a discussion:

The agenda is planned as follows:

  • 11:00 - Registration and Welcome
  • 11:20 - Introduction and Sponsor Presentations
  • 11:35 - "Collaborating To Build And Launch The UK's First National Data Repository For Petrotechnical Data" presented by Daniel Brown, CDA - In March 2019, the Oil & Gas Authority launched the UK’s first National Data Repository for information acquired or created by licensees in carrying out activities under their petroleum licences, al data, making freely available to industry, academia, and the wider public data collected by the oil and gas industry over 50+ years of exploration, development, production, and decommissioning.The National Data Repository was built on the foundations of CDA’s UKOilandGasData system, an industry-owned data sharing platform used for over 20 years to share petrotechnical information between UKCS licensees, and with the regulator. We share details of the remarkable collaboration between OGA, CDA, and the broader industry that led to the launch of the NDR on budget, and in record time – and the massive contribution of oilfield information into the public domain that resulted.
  • 12:05 - "Chronicling Quality And Confidence in E&P Data" presented by Paul Gibb, Petrosys - Ideally, only data of the highest quality would be eligible for residency in a Master Data Management [MDM] system, however this raises a number of questions. For example, is incomplete data better than no data at all? As interpretive data is a subjective assessment, how can you measure its quality? What’s the difference between Quality and Confidence ratings, do we need both ratings?
    In many respects, data quality should be an objective assessment, made by the system, so can the MDM itself play a part in this assessment where it qualifies that assessment and categorises the data with visual indicators, ultimately to aid in its quality improvement? Our view is that whilst due process around QA of data being loaded into an MDM is important, it should not be relied upon exclusively, and the MDM itself should have inbuilt quality assessment. The MDM should be more open to accept data of dubious quality, provided it is flagged and published as such. Indeed, it should be published for all consumers to clearly visualise, as a driver to have that quality improved. Quality metrics should be objective and systematic, but there needs to be a way to alter the business rules which are used to define that systematic rating, along with visualisation to show how data quality has changed over time, with clear representation of the impact of the change in business rules. Furthermore, the system should allow for subjective assessment which may, in some cases, contradict the objective assessment because the business rules imposed are insufficiently complex to compete with real-world human experience and opinion.
  • 12:35 - Group Discussion and Lunch
  • 14:00 - Event Close - Attendees are invited to join the IHS Markit team for drinks and conversation after this event at a local pub, the Refinery.

Location and Timing

This luncheon will be held at the IHS Markit Offices in their Everest Conference Room, 4th floor Ropemaker Place, 25 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9LY.

Registration and lunch will take place from 11:00 am outside the room. Lunch, sponsored by Target Energy Solutions, followed by the luncheon presentations at 1:15.

If you have any food allergies please let us know during the registration process. If you find you are no longer able to attend, please advise us of your cancellation as soon as possible to free up a space for another attendee.

Free Registration

This Luncheon and Mini-Workshop will be free to attend. Please register below to save your place, as spots are limited. Registration will close on May 21, so register early.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who support these events which are aimed at enhancing your ability to deliver better data management practices within your company as well as the building of a data management Community in the United Kingdom. A special thanks to our sponsors for hosting this event. Without the support of sponsors, events of this nature would not be possible.

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