Europe Q4 Energy Data Byte 2022

Europe Q4 Energy Data Byte 2022
Join us for the Europe Energy Data Byte on December 7, 2022. This event is eligible for one CPDA Professional Development Unit.

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Tim Bourgeois, the FerVID Group,
will present a talk:
"Data Management in Sedimentary Geothermal"

New technologies are on the cusp to open electricity production to geologic environments at much lower temperatures than required with current technology. This opens the door to a vastly expanded areal scope of power production that doesn’t require extraction of material from the subsurface, doesn’t create CO2, and is as reliable as current coal fired and nuclear power plants. The lower temperature environs are located in sedimentary geology that often enough overlap with O&G domains.

This talk will cover the types of well completions in play for heat energy extraction and the commensurate data needs. The types of data for geothermal are both similar and different than that of O&G. The intention is to give petroleum data managers a forward look at these differences in order for them to get ahead of the curve as they make decisions about data curation in their work scope.


Location and Timing

This event will take place on our virtual Remo platform:

The timing of this event is planned as follows:
11:45 AM - Platform opens for sign in and networking
12:00 PM - Opening Remarks
12:10 PM - Sponsor presentation
12:15 PM - Presentation
12:55 PM - Wrap Up


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It is through the hard work of our volunteers, the Europe Leadership Team, and our sponsors and speakers that this event is possible. We sincerely appreciate their efforts bringing together energy data management professionals.

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