Brisbane Public Training

Brisbane Public Training
Please join us on for our Brisbane Public Training the morning of August 22 - featuring the class 'Introduction to Master Data Management.'
Join PPDM's CEO Trudy Curtis for Public Training. Note: This Training is NOT a part of the Brisbane Data Management Luncheon & Mini-Workshop


Course Description

One class will be available for this event.
8:00-12:00 PM - Introduction to Master Data Management
  • Increasingly, the petroleum industry is focused on integrated life cycle asset management systems that bring together critical information from many disciplines over the decades long asset life cycle. Master data management solutions are designed to help define and manage critical data about assets to provide, through harmonization and data integration, a single point of reference. This class reviews fundamental master data management principles including: data governance, data architectures, master data, data quality and the life cycle of data in the business. You will explore at a high level how the PPDM data model supports master data management concepts. Learn more on our Training Page.
    A flyer is available for this training.


    These classes will take place at Fishburners, Level 2, Event Space A, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane. Thank you to the Geologic Survey of Queensland for providing the venue.


    Price Per Class: $125 USD for members, $225 USD for non-members
    Note, Individual membership is only $100 USD

    Questions & Concerns

    For questions and concerns, please contact Cancellation information is available on our Terms and Conditions page.
    Space is limited, please register early. This event is NOT a part of the Brisbane Data Management Luncheon & Mini-Workshop.

    Thank You to Our Venue Host

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