PESA Queensland - August Luncheon

PESA Queensland - August Luncheon
PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia) will be hosting their August Luncheon on August 22, 2019, and will feature PPDM's CEO Trudy Curtis as speaker.
The Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia is a non-profit association of individuals involved in the exploration of oil and gas. They hold monthly luncheons at the Hilton, starting at 12:15pm.

On August 22, 2019, following the Brisbane Public Training, Trudy Curtis, CEO of the PPDM Association, will present a talk entitled "The Speed of Data" -
Today’s business runs at the speed of its analytics; analytics run at the speed of data.  Analytics programs are crucial to corporate competitiveness, yet many companies struggle to fully leverage new and emerging analytics technology. This talk will focus on an aspect of how the words we use can help or hinder our progress to leveraging technology to its fullest. The examples used will include the PPDM Association’s “What is a Completion”.

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