Volunteer Information Session - April 2023

Volunteer Information Session - April 2023
Join us on April 11, 2023, for an Information Session on volunteering with the PPDM Association. This session will be broadcast virtually.


Join members from the PPDM Association Team as they discuss what volunteering with the PPDM Association looks like.

Timing & Location

This event will take place on a virtual platform at 3:00pm Mountain USA time. The presentation portion is expected to last about a half hour, with time for questions and discussions after.

Other time zones include (please confirm the time in your location):
5:00 AM - Perth, Australia/Malaysia (April 12)
7:00 AM - Brisbane, Australia (April 12)
11:00 PM - South Africa
10:00 PM - London/GMT
3:00 PM - Mountain Time, Canada/USA
4:00 PM - Central Time, Canada/USA

Please note that this session may be recorded for future use. Registration will close 1 hour before this event.

Calendar Invitation

This Calendar invitation is here for download. Please note: the Calendar invitation does not register you to attend.


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