Board Nominations Committee


In 2016, the Legal Committee of the PPDM Association Board of Directors proposed the creation of an independent Nominations Committee to oversee the nomination process for eligibility for election to the position of Director of the PPDM Association. The committee has the role of vetting and endorsing candidates most qualified to lead the organization, but would not have the role of limiting member candidacy. The Nominations Committee is comprised of between three to five former members of the Board of Directors of the PPDM Association, or members of the PPDM community with established leadership capabilities who remain members in good standing of the Association. Accountable to the Board of Directors, this Committee was formed in early 2018. More information about this Committee is available in the Charter.


Full NameOrganizationPosition
John JacobsJacobs ConsultingParticipant
Sunil GargDataVedikParticipant
Yogi SchulzCorvelle ConsultingParticipant

Eligibility Requirements for PPDM Directors

Candidates must be a PPDM member

Only PPDM members are eligible for positions on the Board of Directors. Membership in PPDM may be as an individual or through the corporate membership of employers. Since individuals may transition between companies during their term of office, PPDM recommends that candidates obtain a membership independent of their corporate affiliation.

Candidates must demonstrate energy industry experience

Directors apply their energy industry experience to set the strategic direction of PPDM.

Candidates must demonstrate strategic planning and fiduciary oversight experience

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction of PPDM and fiduciary oversight. Directors should have clear, demonstrated skills and experience in these areas, have experience at the executive or management level, and understand the oil and gas business.

Candidates must demonstrate involvement in PPDM activities

Directors with an established track record of direct engagement in PPDM or energy industry activities, committees, or workgroups are better prepared to participate in the ongoing stewardship and development of the PPDM plan.

Candidates must understand the required commitment

Directors are elected for a two-year term on the Board of Directors. During this term, Directors are expected to spend adequate time preparing for, participating in, and completing associated actions, for board meetings or agreed ancillary activities. Repeated failure to meet these expectations could result in removal from the Board. The position of director is unpaid, and Directors are responsible for their expenses.

The following web page provides a more comprehensive Position Description.

PPDM Expectations of Directors

Directors must be independent of undue influence

Directors must represent both the needs of individual data managers and the needs of the energy industry. PPDM values this multifaceted input. Directors cannot simply use their position to advance the agenda of the segment of the energy industry that they know best.

Directors must be neutral and avoid any conflict of interest

Like PPDM members, directors must sign the PPDM Code of Ethics before participating in PPDM activities. Candidates must declare any existing conflicts of interest and avoid potential conflicts of interest or violation of applicable antitrust legislation during their term in office.

Directors must fulfill the Position Description

Directors standing for re-election must demonstrate that they have fulfilled most of the elements of the published Position Description.

Directors must protect the confidentiality of PPDM information

Directors have access to confidential information and must ensure that this information is not disseminated to others, even to those in positions of authority over them, in any form, without consent from the Board of Directors.

Directors must abide by PPDM policies

In the context of their participation in the Board of Directors or other PPDM activities, Directors must follow its policies and practices.

Directors must represent PPDM

Directors should take every opportunity to meet with members of PPDM to understand their needs and promote the benefits derived from PPDM membership. Directors promote the benefits of PPDM to the energy industry and seek financial resources and volunteer participation in support of PPDM.