Conflict of Interest Policy

Many of our members participate in programs of other standards groups, and PPDM is often asked whether the work we have done may be made available to these programs. To assist our members, the PPDM Board of Directors has prepared this policy:

  1. Material that is publicly available, with or without a guest account, on the PPDM Association website, is available to both members and non-members and may be discussed or shared with anyone without...
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    The PPDM Way

    This policy describes the PPDM Association approach to the development of PPDM products and services. The policy is intended to provide consistency in development activities and to assist members in planning their commitments to Product development projects.

    This policy has been reviewed by the PPDM Association's Board of Directors (Board) and others. It is not intended as a static or rigid policy. The Association welcomes comments from the members.

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    PPDM Privacy Policy

    1. Introduction
    2. The PPDM Association is legally and ethically required to protect the privacy and personal information of our members and visitors to our website. PPDM will not share your personal information with any third party without your explicit permission for each such occurrence. PPDM will make best efforts to secure all such information in such a way that no unauthorized individual shall obtain access to it...

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    PPDM Services and Website Terms and Conditions

    The PPDM Association is a not for profit society incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Province of Alberta, Canada (“PPDM”). PPDM provides leadership for the professionalization of petroleum data management through the development and dissemination of best practices and standards, education programs, certification programs and professional development opportunities... 

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    PPDM Competition Policy (Anti-Trust)

    The PPDM Association is a not-for-profit society organized and incorporated In the Province of Alberta. As a society, the business conduct of PPDM is governed by Canadian competition law, namely Canada’s federal Competition Act, R.S.C., 1985 c. C-34, as amended (the “Act”). The purpose of the legislation is to prevent anti-competitive practices in the marketplace and encourage competition in Canada...

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    PPDM Association Sanction Policy

    The PPDM Association (PPDM), incorporated in Alberta Canada, has both individuals and corporations or other agencies and organizations as members. PPDM must comply with all applicable sanction laws, particularly those of Canada. PPDM also endeavors to follow US and European Union sanction laws which prohibit PPDM staff from providing or assisting in the provision of certain services to individuals who are citizens of, or who are “ordinarily resident in” an embargoed or sanctioned country. It should be noted that not all...

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