PPDM Collaboration with the OSDU™ Forum
A complementary relationship.

The OSDU™ Forum is developing an open, cloud-based technology framework in which data is made available for use. PPDM Association member-built data resources and professional development ensure that robustly defined data expectations support data trust, reliability and consistency in the OSDU™ Platform or any other technology solutions.

The Collaboration Team

Accomplishing these objectives is in the hands of dedicated PPDM Association volunteers who are working hard to review, refine, and supply data definitions, precise reference lists, schemas, and data quality accelerators. The meticulous methodology used in PPDM ensures that the data contained in the OSDU™ Platform (or any other environment) can be positioned to perform as expected.

As the OSDU™ Forum starts work on a new subject area, members of the team have access to PPDM documentation and other materials developed by PPDM Association workgroups, including the PPDM Data Model. Terms and definitions are incorporated by reference into the OSDU™ schema as needed. In some cases, such as that of licenses, PPDM fills recognized gaps in the OSDU™ platform by submitting full schemas in OSDU™ format based on the extensive work done by PPDM volunteers for land right and contract administration subject areas.

The PPDM Way in Action

Every standard or best practice at the PPDM Association has been created by teams of volunteer industry experts. The value of volunteer participation from industry has been estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars – an investment that no single company can match. We know that volunteers who devote expert attention to creating standards and best practices with the PPDM Association simply don’t have time for a lot of administrative details, so this work is led by PPDM Association staff. Today, the PPDM Association has more than 20 work groups and committees. PPDM Association events, publications, and training programs reach thousands of data managers each year. Working with many volunteers, the PPDM Association is dedicated to maximizing the value for each donated volunteer hour. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a PPDM Association volunteer.

PPDM Reference Lists

Within the OSDU™ Forum, the PPDM Integration Team, chaired by Trudy Curtis, requests new reference lists or asks the PPDM Association Reference Values Committee to review and improve lists partly developed by the schema definition teams. Workflows have been established within the OSDU™ Forum to consume reference lists provided by the PPDM Association Reference Value Committee quickly and efficiently.

The PPDM Association Reference Values Committee has published 226 reference lists and is reviewing 8 new lists, specifically for the OSDU™ Platform. Part of this work has included the development of a robust reference vocabulary that helps clarify the nature and role of reference lists. Anyone can view the glossary at https://refval.ppdm.org/.

These lists are available to anyone free of charge. In collaboration with the OSDU™ Forum, the lists are formatted to make it easy to consume in the OSDU™ schema definitions. High quality reference lists are critical to achieving interoperability.


Last updated December 2022