Credential Maintenance

Criteria for Professional Development Hours (PDH) Eligibility

The required one hundred and twenty (120) hours of professional development over three (3) years must be related to petroleum data management, and will be evaluated on the following:

  • Professional Skill Enhancement – ninety-six (96) hours
    Demonstration of development of both technical and “soft” professional skills, as they relate to the competency matrix. For example: education, training courses, etc.

    NOTE: No more than thirty-two (32) hours will be recognized in any one competency area per three (3) year cycle. For example, an individual may have received forty (40) hours of training in Data Security, but only thirty-two (32) hours will be recognized towards the CPDA credential. CPDA’s are encouraged to follow a well-rounded approach to Professional Skill Enhancement, and to attempt to expand their knowledge in all competency areas covered by the CPDA.

  • Industry Engagement - twenty-four (24) hours
    Demonstration of industry engagement and sharing of Data Analysis knowledge as it relates to the competency matrix. CPDA certificate holders are required to document their activities within the PDH form describing the activities undertaken. Examples include but not limited to: volunteering, writing papers, mentorship, belonging to other organizations, presentations, panels, course building, or committee work, etc.
In addition, CPDA certificate holders are expected to complete:
  • Work Experience
    Demonstrate active continued work within the area of Data Analysis over the three (3) year CPDA cycle. This will be accomplished by submitting a current CV/Resumé and Job Description, which will be reviewed by the Registrar. References must also be submitted to validate new/additional work experience.

  • Reaffirmation of Ethical Integrity
    The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (“PPDM”) is committed to the ethical integrity of its certification programs. The PPDM requires that all candidates honour the principles of ethical integrity at all times (Appendix C: Policies). These principles must be reaffirmed by the CPDA by signing an ethical statement when reporting credential maintenance.

Fee Schedule

Annual Renewal Fees
 PPDM Member
$75.00 $150.00
 Plus, applicable taxes

Credential Maintenance Reporting Form (CPDA)

Download Credential Maintenance Reporting Form