Body of Knowledge Committee

A cohesive Body of Knowledge (BOK) is essential to establishing and maintaining a standard of excellence within a professional discipline. A discipline centric BOK, established standards and best practices sets expectations and builds trust with both internal and external stakeholders. We view these stakeholder interests as: 

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CHARTER Body of Knowledge Committee

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Amongst data management professionals, the BOK underpins a consistent baseline framework of vocabulary, knowledge skills and demonstrable competencies in the oil and gas business. This allows professionals to develop foundational skills and knowledge that are broadly applicable and appropriate through many regions, companies, and operational models. 


Consumers of data management resources and products expect them to conform to industry standards and best practices, as encapsulated in the BOK. This conformance builds trust in the outcome, reduces internal staff training time, and supports better access to “best in class” products and services. Outward verification is tied to the existence of criteria such as degrees, certifications, training programs and accessible standards and best practices.
The PPDM member led Body of Knowledge committee will explore and lead the effort to identify and consolidate the BOK for data management professionals in the oil and gas industry. The BOK committee will work in alignment with the community, professional development and certification committees to ensure that all programs are aligned.

Time Frame

The need for the Body of Knowledge Committee is critical and members who are interested have requested that this work group be expedited for swift completion. Contingent on the scope of the charter, this committee is projected to launch before the end of 2016.

Industry Resources

  • People: This committee is open to any PPDM Association member, more specifically; we are seeking members in the fields listed below. Once established, we expect members of the committee (will) meet on a monthly basis, although actual expectations will be specified in the charter.
    1. Data Managers
    2. Human Resource experts
    3. Supervisors and leads who manage data managers
  • Funding: At this time, the committee is not expected to require funding.

Interested? Here’s what comes next

PPDM committees are formed to address the needs of industry as the data management professional discipline emerges. Members of a committee typically participate for a 2-year renewable term. If you are interested in participating on this committee, please contact at