The PPDM Association has a certification committee in place to design, promote and develop certification programs that will be industry recognized within the realm of Petroleum data - the Petroleum Data Management Certification Committee (PDMCC). The certification programs will become the basis for industry based job family hierarchies as well as the guidelines that can be applied for hiring managers to recognize the “base knowledge” required for various aspects of data management within this space.

The PDMCC consists of three subcommittees. The Geospatial Sub Committees is content specific to the Geospatial Certification and has the function of developing and maintaining the certification item banks and supporting resources in their field.

For more information on this Sub Committee, or to get involved, please contact

Thank you to the members of the Geospatial Sub Committee for all their hard work:

  • Samantha Murray, Independent
  • Andrew Tomlinson, OSUM
  • Scott Sitzman, ConocoPhillips
  • Jon Connick, Nexen