PPDM Education Advisory Committee


In 2019, the PPDM Association’s Board of Directors approved the creation of the PPDM Education Advisory Committee (PEAC). Combined with the many programs underway at PPDM (e.g., PDC, EDMCC, IEDS, etc.) the PEAC will ensure the PPDM Association is aligned with the everchanging and shifting training needs of industry and individuals’ competencies (knowledge, skill, attributes, and attitudes) to position themselves for career success.

The PEAC will also review and advise on the role of existing courses for professional development, identify and define new courses or curricula, recommend methods to test and measure knowledge, and work with other committees and work groups to recommend a full suite of credentials/certification programs. They will collaborate with external training providers and engage in other activity related to the advancement of our discipline.

More information on the Committee is available in the Charter but the high-level goals and objectives for this Committee include developing materials that support the education and training necessary to support each of the stakeholder communities listed below:
  1. Data professionals who currently work in the oil and gas industry in need of training to augment their existing knowledge, and present opportunities for career advancement.
  2. Companies and user communities who employ the services of data professionals in support of their business objectives (such as finding oil, selling consulting services, or developing data related products), in identifying training gaps and in-demand subject areas.
  3. Companies who provide services that support data professionals, such as consulting, data, and software services, in identifying training gaps and in-demand subject areas.
  4. Government agencies or bureaus who serve as authorities for E&P operations within their regulatory scope, to identify knowledge/training gaps and in-demand subject areas.
  5. Academia and others who develop and deliver credentialed programs of study, typically leading to a diploma, degree, or higher education certificate.
These materials may include (but are not limited to):
  1. Methods to map discipline competencies or capabilities and existing or planned training materials.
  2. Recommendations to support the preparation needs of those seeking the CPDA credential.
  3. Curriculum support materials for schools, colleges or universities seeking to develop programs for petroleum data disciplines.
  4. Recommendations for practical examples that may be used by trainers or educators in their programs.
  5. Methods to map existing or planned post-secondary programs to the competencies and capabilities associated with data disciplines.
  6. Recommendations for (and possibly development of) new training material needed by data professionals.

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