Regulatory Data Standards Committee

The legacy of legislative and technical architecture in most regulatory agencies was developed specifically to fit the social, economic and environmental needs of their constituency; in many cases, rules of primacy may determine where this authority resides. The cost and effort required for each agency to independently develop the systems and administrative infrastructure to manage these processes is expensive, and can add operational risk to regulatory processes as custom systems age.

Operators must address the complexities of managing variable applications and compliance processes for every agency they deal with. Creating policies and procedures to conduct operations in each region, training staff and developing the systems to respond to each regulator is costly and time consuming.

Information architectures based on industry standards support the development of processes and systems that could be shared by regulators. These would allow industry to plan and permit operations more efficiently and with greater certainty of the outcome. This project proposal addresses those elements of the project that relate to the PPDM Association.

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