Data Objects

Clear definitions of how a well-formed data object should be structured, including what it should contain and how it must behave to support interoperability without data attenuation. Technological advances for analytics, machine learning, edge computing, decision support, operational awareness and fiscal prudence have enabled us to deploy business data to many processes in different ways. As data professionals know, it is during the movement of data from one functional area to another that the highest risk of data attenuation exists. As the PPDM Association continues to extract and build on the knowledge contributed by industry experts, we will be able to better understand how data objects are formed, how they relate to each other and what their behavior should be over time and across stakeholders. Members of the PPDM Association will integrate and harmonize existing member-developed material in order to define data objects at the same time as new materials are developed. The outcome will be powerful, technology neutral descriptions that can be leveraged throughout industry.

This Work Group is working on pulling the information out of the PPDM 3.9 Data Model for creation as technology neutral data objects. We need more volunteers to make this valuable project happen, please contact to learn more.