Compliance With Teeth

This Project is Proposed pending funding and volunteers.

The vision of Compliance With Teeth is an implementation of the PPDM data model that is accessible, without modification, by any compliant software application.

Today, members who implement the PPDM data model spend a great deal of time and energy making individual decisions about core best practices for use of the data model. The opinion of many of these companies is that making a series of collective decisions about best practices would help accelerate their uptake of the data model, and ensure that different implementations of the data model can communicate with each other as easily and clearly as possible.

If successful, we expect that these rules will help operators to more easily share one PPDM data repository amongst multiple software application vendors and to exchange data with other PPDM repositories. Success will be measured based on the ability of participating implementations to use the data in a compliant PPDM implementation “out of the box”.

The project goal is to arrive at a set of measurable guidelines and best practices that will allow operators to share one PPDM data repository amongst multiple software vendors. This will be a long term project, with an anticipated timeline approximately four (4) years in duration, two (2) years to design and develop the process and recommendations, two (2) years for adoption. At a high level, in order to complete this project, we must:

1. Establish some guidelines about how to implement the data model
2. Deliver supporting products and materials that are useful, practical and workable.
3. Deliver guidelines that can be independently audited for conformance so that compliance can be measured and reported objectively
4. Create use case recommendations

Where do we start? Check back soon for updates.

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