Work Groups

Associations that represent a specific profession have a mission to define and defend a set of standards for professional practice of that profession. The PPDM Association charters Work Groups as industry defines needs, utilizing Subject Matter Experts and hard working volunteers to fulfill the objectives of that Work Group’s Charter. To participate in a Work Group, please contact

Hydraulic Fracturing

The process of hydraulic fracturing is essential for the economic production of unconventional hydrocarbons, including shale and tight gas and oil. The availability of good quality hydraulic fracturing data is required for performing analysis of previous jobs in order to optimize future fracs as well as to identify best candidates for refracing...

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Compliance With Teeth (Pending)

The vision of Compliance With Teeth is an implementation of the PPDM data model that is accessible, without modification, by any compliant software application. Today, members who implement the PPDM data model spend a great deal of time and energy making individual decisions about core best practices for use of the data model. The opinion of many of these companies is that making a series of collective decisions about best practices would help accelerate their uptake of...

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Authorization For Expenditure (Proposed)

The process of managing Authorization For Expenditure (AFE) is core to practically all E&P companies. Authorizations For Expenditure (AFEs) are typically raised by companies to provide a draw down against the broader capital budgets in relation to specific projects and account for the budget... 

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PPDM Data Model 3.8 - WITSML Mapping

Industry members who use both the PPDM Data Model and WITSML wanted to find out whether it was feasible to create a standard mapping between the two standards. A team was formed with representatives of PPDM and Energistics to accomplish this task...

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What is a Completion

This work group, a part of the Regulatory Data Standards Committee, will apply the “What is a Well?” methodology to disambiguate the term “completion”, and provide supporting materials that can be deployed by industry to help achieve better clarity and communication at all levels and all stages of the life cycle...

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