PPDM Data Model Compliance

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The term "Compliance" defines a level of conformance between a database or software product and the published PPDM standards.

High confidence in the implementation of PPDM standards:

  1. Limits a software product's business risk by employing standard data definitions that have broad acceptance in the marketplace.
  2. Minimizes expense and errors in data acquisition, usage and maintenance.
  3. Leverages the accumulated knowledge of business processes.
  4. Provides a mechanism for energy companies to objectively determine how different software products might be compatible with their database implementation.
  5. Helps to focus software product developers and customers on the functional added-value features in software products, rather than on basic "commodity" components.

A "PPDM Compliant" classification of software products is therefore a positive and business-driven attribute for energy companies and their software suppliers.

Please contact the PPDM Association to provide Services and Materials required to measure and report the Compliance Rating through a Request For Proposal.  All Association Members in good standing are eligible for PPDM Compliance.

Terms of Use:  The seals for PPDM compliance shown on this site may only be used in relation to products that are shown as PPDM compliant on the www.PPDM.org website. No other use of these seals is permitted.” 

PPDM Certified Software Products

Gold Compliance


 Software Product

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Nov 30, 2019

Katalyst Data Management


Mar 20, 2018

Target Energy Solutions

Master Data Repository    Apr 25, 2017 


Trusted Data Manager

Sep 13, 2013

Petrosys Pty Ltd.


Apr 3, 2012

ETL Solutions

Transformation Manager

Nov 16, 2011

geoLOGIC Systems Ltd.


July 6, 2011

Silver Compliance (Suspended)


 Software Product

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