Well Status & Classification

The "What is a Well? Phase 2" Work Group, which became the “Well Status & Classification Work Group” covered the expansion to extend the baseline comparison from Phase 1 of the 'What is a Well?' initiative to include additional regulatory agencies and the baseline definition for well status and classification. It also performed a baseline comparison with the key regulatory agencies in Australia. What we refer to as well status and classification are essentially different ways of describing wells so that people can find the right well or set of wells for the purpose that they require. These are known as facets.

This work group has created some terms and definitions. Members may view the facets here



  • Curley Thomas
  • Amit Dhavalikar
  • Daniel Perna
  • Floy Baird
  • Gord Ringheim
  • Gord Erickson
  • Gurjeet Singh
  • Hazel Welch
  • Ian Curle
  • James Pipe
  • James Standring
  • Kris Friedel
  • Meng Xue
  • Natacha Gil
  • Patrick Stenhouse
  • Sean Udell
  • Shawn New
  • Sue Carr
  • Wolfgang Deeg