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  • In October 2018, the new PPDM Best Practice “What Is A Completion’ was released at the Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM. The members-only review period is drawing to a close, and PPDM is looking for members to provide their feedback and suggestions for this exciting piece of work.

    If you are a member of PPDM and have some comments to share on ‘What Is A Completion’ please visit here and fill out the survey.

  • The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association would like to welcome six new and returning Directors to our Board of Directors, following the October 22, 2019, Annual General Meeting as a part of this weeks 2019 Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM.

    We would like to welcome back Allan Huber (Shell), Trevor Hicks (Stonebridge Consulting) and Robert Best (EPAM Systems) who were re-elected. We would also like to welcome Tarun Chandrasekhar (Riversand), James Soos (Infosys) and Curley Thomas (Chevron) to their first term with the Board of Directors.

    “On behalf of the Board of Director’s, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to the newly elected and returning Directors. I would also like to express the Board’s gratitude to the departing Directors, for their guidance and hard work over the past term. Their wise counsel and passion for the ongoing success of the PPDM Association will be deeply missed,” said Allan Huber, Chairman of the PPDM Association Board of Directors.

    Our sincere thanks goes out to our current Board of Directors members, David Hood (geoLOGIC systems), Emile Coetzer (Chevron), Jamie Cruise (Schlumberger), Kevin Brunel (Brunel Analytics), Paloma Urbano (ConocoPhillips), and Peter MacDougall (IHS Markit). We would like to thank Ali Sangster (IHS Markit), Jeremy Eade (BP Lower 48) and Lesley Evans (Chesapeake Energy) as they step down from the Board, for their hard work these past years.

    We look forward to the continued evolution and growth of the PPDM Association under the new Board of Directors.

    Last reply on October 29, 2019 by Mary Fernandez

  • A record breaking 135 members of the Houston area data management community came together at EnerVest’s offices in downtown Houston on Tuesday, October 8, to hear about Schlumberger’s contribution to the Open Subsurface Data Universe, OSDU. Raj Kannan, DELFI Data Ecosystem Manager for Schlumberger was the presenter and explained that Schlumberger believes that a step change in performance in Upstream Oil & Gas requires taking an integrated approach; breaking down barriers:

    • Among vertical silos;
    • Between planning and operations;
    • Between operators and suppliers; and
    • Past and future knowledge

    To achieve the above, Schlumberger believes an integrated approach to data is necessary and that industry adoption is far more important than competing in this space.

    On August 8th, Schlumberger announced that it would Open Source the data ecosystem developed for DELFI and contribute to OSDU. This talk introduced the philosophy and capabilities of the data ecosystem, describe the scope of the contribution and subsequent impact on OSDU ambition and process.

    Many thanks to EnerVest and Enverus (formerly DrillingInfo), our event sponsors for providing a great venue and a delicious lunch.

    Our next Houston event will be our Q1 luncheon on January 14th followed by a 2-day Machine Learning Workshop on January 21-22 at the offices of Our annual Houston Petroleum Data Expo will take place on March 31-April 1 at the Westin Memorial City. If you are not receiving our invites and would like to receive them in the future, please contact and we will add you to our distribution list.

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    PPDM’s Careers Page
    Jasleen Virdi
    October 15, 2019

    Are you an employer looking for a great candidate for your data management related job? Are you looking for a new position? Did you know PPDM has a Careers Page. This page is free for our Corporate Members to post their jobs, and also includes volunteer positions available. Contact to get your job posted now.

  • Curious about some of the achievements PPDM and our community have achieved over the last fiscal?

    View our Infographic to learn more!

  • The PPDM Association would like to extend our sincere congratulations to one of our long time volunteers, Jim Crompton, on winning the ‘Management and Information Award’ at the 2019 SPE International Awards, which were presented at the Annual Banquet at SPE’s ATCE. Jim is currently a volunteer on the Foundations Editorial Team and the Board of Directors Nominations Committee, along with several previous volunteer roles including sitting on the Denver Regional Leadership Team. Congratulations to Jim on this award.

  • Have you been considering taking the Certified Petroleum Data Analyst (CPDA) Exam? The 2020 Dates have been announced. This is a good time to start building them into your 2020 professional goals.

    Learn more at

  • The 2018-2019 fiscal has seen continued growth in the area of Professional Development at PPDM. Our public and private trainings, taught by PPDM’s CEO Trudy Curtis, were held in 8 different cities with more than 400 attendees, not including those who enjoyed the brand new ‘What Is A Completion’ training at the 2019 Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo as a part of their registration. This was also the first year that we offered a Machine Learning Workshop with Lewis Matthews and the West Texas Data Science Institute team, which was delivered in three cities.

    PPDM’s Certification program continued to grow momentum in the 18-19 fiscal, with 20 new CPDAs earning their credential, from regions including Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. As demand increased additional sitting options were put in place and the CPDA Credential Maintenance program was enhanced to support this community.

    The Professional Development Committee (PDC) also achieved several milestones this fiscal. The Job Families Grid and the 7 sample high-level Role Descriptions have been well-received. The Compensation Survey was also launched and completed by more than 500 community members from around the world, providing valuable information for the Professional Development Committee. They also launched the new Professional Development Catalogue – – with information on the many classes available at both PPDM, with a growing selection from external training providers.

    Thank you to our many volunteers in both the PDC and Certification Committee for all their countless hours making these important programs possible.

  • Have you earned your Certified Petroleum Data Analyst (CPDA) or looking to learn more about the credential maintenance portion of the CPDA program? We have a new video on the CPDA Credential Maintenance and Professional Development Units. This 42 minute recording of a live webinar with PPDM’s Ingrid Kristel, Senior Project Manager, walks through what happens after you earn your credential, what PDUs are and how to keep on top of them. Visit the Credential Maintenance page for more information!

  • The International Petroleum Data Standards (IPDS) segment of the PPDM Association saw some fantastic milestones achieved in the 2018-2019 fiscal. The first milestone was the change from ‘Best Practices & Standards’ to the new terminology of ‘International Petroleum Data Standards’ or IPDS that more clearly describes the depth and breadth of work that is begin done in collaboration with our membership stakeholders. We look forward to seeing this term grow in usage along with our programs.

    After years of subject matter expert volunteer’s hard work, the release of ‘What Is A Completion’ was announced at the 2018 Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM. The aim of What Is A Completion is to develop a best practice that is globally applicable, and that can both support and be independent of any specific organization type or individual job function. The What Is A Completion material was constructed to help you translate the vocabulary that is used by different disciplines into a common vocabulary. Start with the illustrations and discover what words and definitions each user group associates with that illustration; map these into What Is A Completion. As you do this, your user groups will develop an understanding and appreciation of the different needs that others have; this facilitates better cooperation and collaboration. This toolkit is available on the PPDM website for members only now with hundred of downloads already and thousands of paper copies distributed at PPDM events. After October 2019, the member review period will be completed and this work will be widely available. Thank you to that amazing group of volunteers for all their hard work in creating this valuable disambiguation toolkit.

    We also had the pleasure of launching and revitalizing several areas of work with our dedicated volunteers around Data Rules (updated library application, faceted classification, framework and compliance measures to support our journey to Business Rule Collections), 3.10 Data Modelling (adding in Coordinate Reference Systems, Units of Measure, Hydraulic Fracturing / Water Management and also managing any changes that have been submitted since our last release) and Well Status & Classification (with a focus from the Regulatory lens.) Our volunteers have put tremendous effort into these different areas of work with upgrades, updates and improvements. We look forward to the outcomes as these different pieces are driven forward by membership.

    In 2018-2019 we also launched the Standards Support community, available for any member to access. Feel free to log in and check it out under the ‘IPDS’ tab. We look forward to continued growth, milestones and achievements in the areas of IPDS over the next fiscal – but we need you to make them happen! These projects are only possible through funding and volunteers – contact for more information.