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  • Learn about The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association and the many projects, events, and activities that happened over our 2016/2017 fiscal year in our Annual Report!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended our 2017 Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM. We hope that it was a valuable experience for everyone, and were delighted to hear positive feedback on this event. Highlight presentations included Gartner’s Keynote Presentation “Data Moves Beyond Hope & Hype,” the “Executive Panel Q&A: Disruptive Technologies, Data Management and Operational Strategies,” “Marathon Oil’s Master Data Management Journey – One Year After Go-Live” and “Leveraging Information/Data Governance Within Disparate Environments.” For those who were unable to attend, members can access presentations on our Past Events Page at any time. We’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to the members of the Calgary Leadership Team who worked hard to bring together this exciting and popular agenda.

    Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors for making this event possible: geoLOGIC systems, Stonebridge Consulting, EnergyIQ, Gartner, CBN Commercial Services, Noah Consulting, Katalyst Data Management, RS Energy and the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association would like to welcome six new and returning Directors to our Board of Directors, following the October 24, 2017, Annual General Meeting as a part of the Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM.

    We would like to welcome back Allan Huber (Shell), Jeremy Eade (BP), Lesley Evans (Chesapeake Energy), Robert Best (Infosys) and Trevor Hicks (Stonebridge Consulting) who were re-elected. We would also like to welcome Ali Sangster with DrillingInfo to her first term with the Board of Directors.

    Our sincere thanks goes out to our current Board of Directors members, Amii Bean (Individual Member), David Hood (geoLOGIC systems), Christine Meisner (Devon Energy), Paloma Urbano (ConocoPhillips), Peter MacDougall (IHS Markit) and Shashank Panchangam (Landmark-Halliburton). We would like to thank Brian Boulmay as he steps down from the Board, for all his hard work these past years.

    We look forward to the continued growth of the PPDM Association under the new Board of Directors.

  • This edition’s features include:
    - “A (Not So) Brief History” by Jim Crompton
    - “Data Management: Job vs. Profession?” by Yogi Schulz
    - “Analytics as an Extension of Data Modelling” by Mishtu Banerjee
    - “CPDA Certification” by Terence Broughton
    - “Hands On With the Board of Directors” by Shashank Panchangam
    - And more!

    This edition is now available free to members and guests on our website: To access the complete “A (Not So) Brief History”, please visit our White Papers Page.

  • The PPDM Association is pleased to announce that Irene Dawe will be the new Co-Chair for the Regulatory Data Standards (RDS) Committee. Under the leadership of both John Broderick (Co-Chair from the US Bureau of Land Management) and Irene, the RDS will continue to focus on how PPDM data standards can be deployed and expanded to fully support the needs of regulators to create a standards based information foundation. The RDS has also become a forum for Committee members to collaborate on initiatives, meet with other associations, and educate each other on shared challenges and successes. Irene joined the RDS a few months ago and has agreed to take the Co-Chair spot that was left vacant following the passing of Art Boykiw. Irene, the Chief Data Officer & Director - Strategic Data Services at the Alberta Energy Regulator, brings energy and passion to this Committee. Irene has more than 25 years experience in Energy, Telecommunications, the Canadian Armed Forces, and more. Please join us in welcoming Irene to the Co-Chair position.

  • Linn Energy provided the venue for the PPDM Q3 Oklahoma City Data Management Luncheon in their amazing new facility and Business Imaging Systems (BIS) provided a delicious pizza bar. Josh Miller, Solutions Architect for BIS, walked seventy-six attendees through some of the challenges that oil and gas companies are facing with new acquisitions and the sparse data the divesting companies are providing. Information such as payment obligations or expiration dates may be provided, however, there is still a considerable amount of missing or hidden data. Energy professionals are utilizing technology and natural language processing to identify provisions hidden in their data. What once was a very manual process, is now being streamlined with automated efficiencies being put in place. Jenna Dickenson and Jacob Dressen, both with BIS, then provided some details on how BIS is assisting clients in overcoming these challenges through the use of Grooper, a transactional information processing platform designed using next generation capture technologies. The luncheon was wrapped up with a drawing where three lucky individuals won a free online class of their choice. Winners were (from left to right) Tricia Ruud, Warwick Energy and OKC Leadership Team member, Drew Hopkins, Land Information Services, and John Bostwick, Continental Resources. The next OKC luncheon will be held on November 15th on the campus of Chesapeake Energy with Cathy Tompkins, CIO for Chesapeake, as the speaker.

  • Dean Gale Sullenberger and Dr. Tim Coburn with the University of Tulsa hosted the PPDM Q3 luncheon on Thursday, September 21st, and Stonebridge Consulting provided an amazing turkey spread for attendees. TU faculty, students and Tulsa data management professionals were treated to an informative talk given by Dr. Tim Coburn on “Some Evolving Data Issues Associated with Assessing Unconventional Resources, with Examples from the Bakken Shale Play”. Dr. Coburn explained the challenges of calculating the “estimated ultimate recovery” (EUR) for horizontal wells as well as outlined other issues which come into play such as obtaining agreement about the geological evidence, lack of currency and completeness of data, insufficient granularity of data and many more. A lively question and answer period followed Dr. Coburn’s discussion. The luncheon was wrapped up with a drawing where two TU students, Zhenyu Guo and Ade Ayewole, were the winners of a PPDM online class of their choice.

  • Justin Gorton, Geoscience Manager for Petroleum and Gas at the Geological Survey of Queensland, addressed the 3Q Australia-East PPDM Data Management Luncheon on Friday, 15-Sep at the offices of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines in Brisbane. His topic was the “Draft release of the new Petroleum and Gas Reporting Guideline - Improving the value of industry data in Queensland”. In his presentation, he emphasized that this is a draft release, now open for feedback before being released in December. The changes are based not only on regulatory needs but on the idea that collecting and managing petroleum and gas data assists Queensland in becoming a competitive destination for energy investment, in comparison with other Australian states or even international options. Justin briefly reviewed the state level legislative act which gives the state agency the authority to collect data, and then discussed the next level down of guidelines which deal with standardization across commodity types, and how they support the process of online submission which began in 2016. The new guidelines are designed to improve digital reporting requirements, and had been previously focused on well data. Justin noted that some legislative changes will be needed to accommodate the new guidelines. There was a brief discussion of three types of data being collected through submissions; Geoscience – spatially based, Operations – time based, and Engineering – measurement based, and it was explained that the designation of Scientific and Technical Survey is an area for potential fields, soil geochemistry, seeps, remote sensing, or basin surveys not associated with a particular well. Justin gave a brief explanation of one way to calculate the value of information, which was particularly interesting for those who might have attended a recent SPE presentation on the same topic, but with a much more rigorous approach based on decision trees: It was acknowledged that the current Queensland Petroleum Exploration Data (QPED) extract contains perhaps 50% of the data a potential investor would want about a geographic area. The current data is checked against the quality facets of completeness, consistency and accuracy, and it is proposed that in the future Big Data and Machine Learning approaches might be applied to the data, to for instance answer QSHE questions about the use of a particular accelerator in hydraulic fracturing sands. A mention was made of the Council Of Australian Governments Gas Supply Strategy being supported by the new reporting guidelines as well (

    Under the new guidelines, production data will be reported cumulatively and monthly by well instead of tenure to align with similar reporting in South Australia, while testing data is reported in cumulative daily volumes. Detailed core analysis reports will also be provided in their native format. Key information will be extracted to submit in templates to streamline the capture and quality control process. Data will be QC’d at two levels, to determine that submitted files are loadable and not corrupt, and then that headers for file formats including LAS, LIS and SEGx are complete and accurate. The new digitally accessible submission template for well data uses PPDM column names with enumerated classes, enforced value ranges and units.

    During the discussion period, a representative from a local operating company asked if there could be a system for companies to provide remediated legacy data to the agency in geographic areas where it was no longer considered a competitive advantage, but where the data would potentially be of higher quality than that previously submitted. Other feedback from the group included requests for guidelines to consider sampling data, digital well test data, and coal seismic.

  • PPDM conducted their Q3 Data Management Luncheon in Midland on September 7th. The Petroleum Professional Development Center (PPDC) provided a wonderful venue and WellDrive, LLC catered a good ole Texas meal with chicken fried steak topping the menu. Craig Covey, Data Analyst, with Concho Resources delivered a compelling talk describing two of the oil and gas industry’s buzz words, Big Data and Machine Learning, which was very well received. Craig described in detail what Big Data is, where it comes from, and how Concho handles it using Hadoop. He also talked about Machine Learning and how it is commonly used by our industry. A copy of his slide deck can be found on our website under Past Events. A raffle drawing at the end reaped three winners. RJ Jenkins with SM Energy won a free individual membership to PPDM while Heather Sanders with Midland College and Brent Foster with Concho each won their choice of an online class. Thanks to all who turned out for this great event!! .

  • On Tuesday, August 22nd, the Dallas/Fort Worth Energy Community was treated to an eloquent and factual talk by Dr. Richard Strickland, President of The Strickland Group. The talk was centered around the Deep Water Horizon Blowout and what really happened. Members of the audience were riveted to their seats for over an hour while Dr. Strickland presented materials from the Chief Counsel’s Report, the BP Accident Investigation Report, and the Det Norske Veritas Report outlining the failures that took the lives of 11 people. His presentation, as well as each of these reports, can be found at as Dr. Strickland was involved in litigation support for the case. Following the luncheon, Bill Barna with Microsoft commented to Pam Koscinski, PPDM US Representative, “PPDM did a wonderful job today on the luncheon at XTO Energy. Dr. Richard Strickland was an exceptional speaker and I learned a great deal more about the Macondo accident. You and your team did a great job. Thank you.” .

    The luncheon was concluded with a drawing where Joseph Niemann, IT Director for Jetta Operating, and Sandra Bembenek, CFO for The Strickland Group, were awarded complimentary one year Individual Memberships to PPDM.

    The next DFW luncheon will be held at Pioneer Natural Resources on November 14, 2017.