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  • Denver Energy Data Workshop Approaching
    Posted on
    March 27, 2023

    The Denver Workshop is coming on April 18. This half day workshop features a variety of talks and discussions on topics around our them of “New Energy and the Data Professional.” The agenda is available. Register now to attend in person or virtually.

  • The Data Objects Committee is looking for volunteers to help us with our new data objects. We are asking for member participation to review the existing content. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact us.

  • Job Market Survey Feedback Request
    Posted on
    March 27, 2023

    Our 2023 Job Market Survey is currently underway, and we would like to hear from you – what job market information is important to you? You can view past survey results on our website. Email us with your thoughts for this next survey.

  • Learn about Volunteering with the PPDM Association!
    On April 11, 2023, join the PPDM team as we discuss what it means to be a volunteer with the PPDM Association. Learn about the different opportunities in the three areas, Community, IEDS and Professional Development, and how you can make a difference. Register now >

  • The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) which monitors and regulates the exploration, development, and production, together with the refining, gas conversion, transportation, and storage of petroleum in Uganda, has joined the Data as a National Resource (DANR) hub. The PAU joins the Petroleum Agency of South Africa, SKK Migas, the North Sea Transition Authority, and the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator as early adopters and supporters of the DANR initiative. Read more >

  • “One of our key mantras was ‘What we measure we can improve.’ Interestingly in that area, it was our assets and our businesses that had nailed down that data was the key necessity for their success.” Sushma Bhan. Join the Three Data Wise Guys Plus One in Season 2 Episode 2, featuring Sushma Bhan, Board of Director at Ikon Science, and former CDO with Shell. This episode is now available on our website –

  • Targeted at those living in Asia Pacific, this one-hour virtual information session will let you know about the Certified Petroleum Data Analyst program and answer any questions you have. Register Now on our website.

  • Join the Houston Leadership Team at our Houston New Data Ecosystem Expo, May 9-10, 2023, at the Red Oak Ballroom. This year's agenda features two days of talks, sessions and panels on energy data related topics including:

    • "How to Build an Ecosystem for Purpose and For Good" with Joey Sanchez (Ion Houston)
    • "Automating Geo Data Management Workflows and Taking and Enterprise Approach" with Seth Tribbey (S&P Global)
    • "Data Quality in Oil and Gas Exploration - Everyday Challenges" with Boris Makarov (Apache Corporation)
    • "Storytelling: Turn Your Data Into Compelling Insights that Inspire Action" with John Hetherington (We Deliver Your Vision)
    Download the full agenda now. Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities are also currently available. Exhibitor booths are selling out, contact us for your booth now.


  • The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA), which administers titles and data management for petroleum and greenhouse gas (GHG) titles in Australian Commonwealth waters, has joined the Data as a National Resource (DANR) hub. DANR, launched in Spring 2022, is powered by the PPDM Association, and aims to be the go-to knowledge hub for regulators, National Oil Companies (NOC), National Data Repositories and technology and service providers. The hub serves to bring these organisations together, to collaborate, share experiences, provide training and access freely available resources. In particular, the hub seeks to support emerging economies in leveraging successes in other areas and seeking inward investment through licensing rounds for oil and gas, renewable energy and carbon capture, utilisation, and sequestration. Read the full release here.

  • We need your Feedback - AFE
    Posted on
    February 13, 2023

    We have recently been experiencing higher than normal interest about an Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) project and would like to know how we may help the needs of our community. Please fill out this short survey so that we can better understand what parts of the AFE project would be of most interest: Click here.

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