CGDMS Series: Seismic Data Processing Explained

Course Instructor:
Jason Noble (Headwaters Seismic Processing)

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20 – 30 minutes each
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CGDMS Series: Seismic Data Processing Explained The Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society (CGDMS) online tutorials overview: Seismic data processing is often seen as confusing with a lot of technical terms and procedures that are not as readily understood as they could be. Through an online series of brief, explanatory tutorials (conceptual not mathematical), Jason Noble (Headwaters Seismic Processing) will provide an explanation of what the various steps in a processing flow and what they do to the data. The CGDMS thanks Sigma Exploration for providing their proprietary datasets for the purpose of these sessions! Each online tutorial is planned for 20-30 minutes with a Q&A session to follow. Sessions are being recorded and the link to the recorded sessions can be found on the CGDMS website under Resources\Workshops and Education. Please become a member of the CGDMS – it is free and is open to all who are interested in Petroleum data. Go to to join.

Course Option: 
Online – Pre-recorded Tutorials

Subject Areas:
Geophysical Processing 1 – Dealing with data and assigning geometry / CDP Binning
Geophysical Processing 2 – Discussion on refraction statics and elevation
Geophysical Processing 3 - What is deconvolution and why do we use it, what does it do to the data
Geophysical Processing 4 - Noise Attenuation
Geophysical Processing 5 - Spectral Balance
Geophysical Processing 6 - Velocity Analysis
Geophysical Processing 7 - Residual Statics
Geophysical Processing 8 - 2D Line Ties
Geophysical Processing 9 - Migration
Geophysical Processing - 3D Merge
Geophysical Processing - 5D Regularization
Geophysical Processing - Prestack Time Migration
Geophysical Processing - Depth Migration
Geophysical Processing - Filter and Scale
Geophysical Processing - SEGY – Trace Headers
Geophysical Processing - AVO Compliance
Geophysical Processing - Multiple Attenuation

Target Audience:
Professionals working in O&G Geosciences who would like to gain more knowledge related to seismic data processing.

Course Description:
Please visit the CGDMS website for tutorial descriptions.

Completion Award:
Not Applicable

Evaluation Method(s):
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