DM39-005: PPDM 3.9: Samples and Sample Analysis

Public Petroleum Data Model Version 3.9

Course Instructor:

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No Prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Classroom, Private, Instructor-Led Webinar

Target Audience:
Regulators, operators, service companies, data and software vendors, Schools (educators, students). Project Managers, Geologists, O&G Engineers, Financial, Field Workers, Business Analyst, Data Governance, Data Architect, Data Management Leaders, Data Managers, Database Analyst, Software Developers.

Course Description:
Sample collection, storage and usage information is critical to ensuring that technical analysis data can be properly used by geochemists, paleontologists and other scientists.

The sample analysis subject area in PPDM fully describes the methods used for sample preparation, treatment and analysis. Within this context, the results captured can be contextualized for appropriate correlation and analysis. Validation and verification sections of the data model help ensure that data is trusted and falls within reasonable bounds.

This course describes the Samples and Sample Analysis subject areas of the PPDM 3.9 Data Model.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss the pros and cons of a corporate “sample master”
  • Discuss the responsibilities of Geochemists in validating and interpreting lab data
  • Discuss key architectural considerations in providing the best possible support and integration of geochemistry data
  • Discuss whether populating the validation tables in geochemistry will add value to an integration project

Evaluation Method(s) / Metrics:
Final Exam available upon request.

Completion Award:
PPDM Certificate of Completion

Special Requirements:
No special requirements associated with this course.