Leadership 4.0, The Rise of the Digital Leader

Course Instructor:
Tony Copeman



Opus Kinetic
2 Days
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Course Description:
We are in the midst of what is now being referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. We are witnessing wholesale changes in the way we live, work, and relate to one another as technology drives greater connectivity and heightened levels of application. Our sharing economy has steadily grown to the point whereby sector leaders are barely recognizable from those that led before them and in all likelihood nothing like those that will follow them.

Managers too need to change and adopt emerging styles to succeed in a world of digital disruption. They need to think, act and design differently and build a business model of flexibility for tomorrow not stability of yesterday. They need to be:
  1. Collaborative and socialization orientation
  2. Emotionally intelligent and versed
  3. Agile, creative thinker and problem solver
  4. Adaptable change driver
  5. Rapid talent deployment to create highly effective yet fluid organisations
  6. Maximize on diversity, culture, and attitudes
  7. Capitalist of data through digitisation and automation
  8. Build a business model of flexibility for tomorrow not stability of yesterday
A two-day workshop packed with learning, conversation, debate, and experiential engagement enables managers to consider the implications of the disrupted digital economy and how they need to not only plan, but act.

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Classroom or Online  

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