PDM-005: Well Depths and ElevationsNew

Industry Standards: Non-Technical

Course Instructor:

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1-2 Hours
No Prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Online, Private, Webinar, Classroom

Target Audience:
Anyone who works with or depends on subsurface well data, particularly technical but also most kinds of business data. This includes regulators, operators, service companies, data and software vendors, schools (educators, students). Typical roles include Project Managers, Geologists, O&G Engineers, Financial, Field Workers, Business Analysts, Data Governance Specialists, Data Architects, Data Management Leaders, Data Managers, Data Analysts, Software Developers.

Course Description:
This class provides critical foundational information related to how well depths and elevations are measured and corrected so they can be used for data analysis and correlation. It aims to maximize the quality and trust associated with depth data in wellbores by improving the competency of data professionals and data users. The foundation provided in this class positions students to understand and apply their knowledge to maintaining high quality, depth integrated data systems. Examples show variations that demonstrate how data differences cause challenges in data stores, reduce usability and trust.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognize the importance of well depths and elevations to users of well data
  • Identify and differentiate the challenges that must be overcome for well depth information to be used correctly
  • Describe the different kinds of well depths found in well technical data and their importance
  • Apply the principles used in correcting well depth information for correlation within a wellbore and across many wellbores
  • Discover the difference between measured and true vertical depths
  • Show situations where incomplete or incorrect documentation hinders understanding
  • Explain and use appropriate attributes to describe well depth and elevation information in technical data stores
  • Compare and contrast the importance of measured depths and true vertical depths
  • Explain the kinds of calculations used to correct well depths and elevations and perform some basic calculations
  • Differentiate between the relative relevance of different datum references to the correct use of well technical data

Evaluation Method(s) / Metrics:
Concept checks during the class ensure that students have grasped key concepts. An exam is available at the end of the class.

Completion Award:
PPDM Certificate of Completion, Badge, PDU for CPDA. Students must achieve 70% or higher on the exam to obtain these awards.

Special Requirements:
Online students must have access to a computer with audio capability.