PDM-060: Introduction to Master Data Management

Data Management

Course Instructor:

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No prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Classroom, Private, Instructor-Led Webinar

Target Audience:
Executive managers, regulators, operators, service companies, data and software vendors, Schools (educators, students). Project Managers, Geologists, O&G Engineers, Financial, Field Workers, Business Analyst, Data Governance, Data Architect, Data Management Leaders, Data Managers, Database Analyst, Software Developers.

Course Description:
Increasingly, the petroleum industry is focused on integrated life cycle asset management systems that bring together critical information from many disciplines over the decades long asset life cycle. Master data management solutions are designed to help define and manage critical data about assets to provide, through harmonization and data integration, a single point of reference.

This class reviews fundamental master data management principles including: data governance, data architectures, master data, data quality and the life cycle of data in the business. You will explore at a high level how the PPDM data model supports master data management concepts.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Recall the connections between industry disciplines, long and complex life cycles, multiple stakeholders, and data
  • Explain the relationship between master data management and data governance
  • Describe the role that language, semantics and dialects play in mastering data
  • Discuss the mechanisms for enabling trust in data systems
  • Describe and compare specific architectures for mastering data
  • Describe the challenges and components in the development of MDM architectures

Evaluation Method(s) / Metrics:
Final Exam. Pass grade 70% or higher.

Completion Award:
PPDM Certificate of Completion.

Special Requirements:
No special requirements associated with this course.