PDM-064: Introduction to Data Management

Data Management

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Classroom, Private, Webinar

Target Audience:
Executive managers, regulators, operators, service companies, data and software vendors, Schools (educators, students). Project Managers, Geologists, O&G Engineers, Financial, Field Workers, Business Analyst, Data Governance, Data Architect, Data Management Leaders, Data Managers, Database Analyst, Software Developers.

Course Description:
This course will navigate you through four primary areas: Management Priorities (why we are here), The Myth of Control (how much is real), Strategic Planning (goal setting) and Components of Data Management (people, process, and technology.

We will review industry objectives and priorities, data management priorities, and differences across data management roles and lines of reporting. We will also explore the implications of outside data sources, and the prevailing focus on subsurface data management. A section of this class will delve into strategic planning and considerations for effective data management.

The largest section of this class breaks down challenges associated with people, processes and technology components of data management, and seventeen key elements of Oil and Gas data management.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the needs of executive management and strategic planning
  • Consider how data management addresses management needs
  • Understand the need for industry wide collective action
  • Discuss the data management roles of People, Process and Technology
  • Discuss 17 specific components of data management and the challenges industry faces in implementing best practices

Evaluation Method(s) / Metrics:
Tests are available upon request.

Completion Award:
PPDM Certificate of Completion.

Special Requirements:
No special requirements associated with this course.