PDM-068: Introduction to Data Objects

Course Instructor:

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4- 6 Hours
No Prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Classroom, Instructor-Led Webinar

Target Audience:
This class targets data users, data professionals, data developers, data architects, system developers and data modelers. It provides modern insight into managing data in a technically diverse ecosystem of data containers and software systems.

Course Description:
This class positions students to understand the critical difference between data objects and the design of technical containers into which they are placed for use. This provides a critical foundation for effective data governance, data mastering strategies and data management programs.

A Data Object is a logical collection of documented knowledge, data attributes and data or business behaviors that allow important datasets to be defined, described, governed, and managed independent of any specific technical methodology or language. Data objects can describe things (nouns) or processes (verbs). PPDM data object definitions support data capability and interoperability and provide information to support data professionals.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the data ecosystem, in which data is technology agnostic to support agile adoption in any technology
  • Define and illustrate data objects and the eight ecosystem components in them
  • Review how six key data ecozones can disrupt or support user capability
  • Illustrate how data objects can be applied to business processes and technology development

Concept checks throughout the course.
Final Exam - Students must achieve 70% or higher on the exam to obtain a completion award.
Completion Award:
PPDM Association Certificate of Completion, Badge, PDU for CPDA.

Special Requirements:
None required.