PDM-069: Introduction to Master Data Management and Data Governance

Course Instructor:

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8 - 10 Hours
No Prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Classroom, Instructor-Led Webinar

Target Audience:
This class is targeting individuals who are interested in learning the basics of Units of Measure and the relationship between measured data, units of measure and business processes.

Course Description:
This comprehensive course lays out critical relationships between data strategies and tactics by describing how data governance, data mastering and data management functions work together to create a healthy, strategic, and agile data environment. Using a combination of workshops and class materials, students will work through some considerations.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explain the relationships between data strategies and tactics
  • Explain what data is and how it is used
  • Explain what master data management is, and nine advantages of effective data masters
  • Explain what data governance is by explaining four of the key challenges that effective data governance can address

Concept checks throughout the course.
Final Exam - Students must achieve 70% or higher on the exam to obtain a completion award.
Completion Award:
PPDM Association Certificate of Completion, Badge, PDU for CPDA.

Special Requirements:
None required.