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Now that's ROI. Membership of the PPDM Association provides immediate access to a wealth of tools and knowledge in the field of oil and gas data management standards, best practices, and training.

What Our Members Say About Us

What a great organization you have in PPDM, I think you are in the top one percentile of professional non-for-profit organizations; very well run!

- A PPDM Member

What Our Members Say About Us

PPDM has given me the knowledge, tools, and support to help transform data into high valued information for the company.

- Jim Soos, PPDM Board of Directors

What Our Members Say About Us

PPDM brings technical value as a respected frame of reference around key data elements in our industry. But this is only a start. For me personally, it brings the opportunity to understand where the whole industry is going, grow professionally and, frankly, enjoy a sense of community. Several of this community are now personal friends.

- Emile Coetzer, PPDM Board of Directors

What Our Members Say About Us

PPDM, through its processes engaging the professional community with guided efforts to develop standards and best practices, provides the old and gas industry with unparalleled leadership in the data realm. Education and professional development are key offerings as the association diligently works to help organizations understand and priortize the value of their data assets.

- Kevin Brunel, PPDM Board of Directors

What Our Members Say About Us

The PPDM Association provides value to both individuals & companies by creating a community of data professionals that supports increasing industry effectiveness by encouraging the highest standards of innovation in data management & proactive, industry-wide co-operation.

- David Hood, PPDM Board of Directors

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