Job Descriptions

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) has developed six (6) sample Job Descriptions for reference.

The PDC approached this exercise with caution, recognizing that ‘one size does not fit all.’ Role titles may vary across companies, as may the knowledge, skills, attributes and major duties and responsibilities. Acknowledging this, the “job title” is less of a concern where the details contained within the job descriptions are of higher importance.

The process for constructing these descriptions involved a group of Subject Matter Experts volunteers with the Job Families Workstream (Chaired by Patrick Meroney), writing, debating, rewriting draft versions, and then circulating to our volunteer Regional Leadership Teams and selected corporate members for review and feedback.

This body of work reflects six (6) recognizable job roles that can be found across our industry (some may be more common than others).

We encourage you to use these job descriptions as baseline data to advance or refine your existing job descriptions.

Sample Job Descriptions