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Certification Handbook

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Candidates are required to submit a minimum of two (2) to a maximum five (5) professional references, who can verify their work experience as it relates to petroleum data analysis.

Examination Fees

Candidates are required to pay CPDATM Examination fees (invigilation) and the PPDM Member or Non-member administration fee. These fees have been separated to accommodate any candidate who may be required to re-sit the CPDATM Examination.

After the candidate, has successfully passed the CPDATM Examination they will move to an annual renewal fee schedule. All fees outside of Canada are in USD.

Certification Fee Schedule PPDM Member  Non-Member 
Administration fees $150.00  $250.00 
CPDATM Exam fees (Invigilation) $250.00  $250.00 
Annual renewal fees  $75.00  $150.00 
Plus applicable taxes