Event Sponsorship

The PPDM Association holds several annual conferences, workshops, training sessions and luncheons around the world each year. Sponsorship packages are offered at different levels and include several options to customize your contribution in order to maximize your impact.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities currently include:

For more information about the event types, sponsorship levels and Exhibitor booths, please contact events@ppdm.org.

Workgroup Sponsorship

Industry plays a key role in developing standards that add value, increase productivity and expand their opportunities. PPDM products and services that are built based on standards reach wider audiences and increase your return on investment. Each project can be sponsored at a variety of levels, from platinum to bronze.

Sponsors can set priorities and direct development by sitting on the project steering committee. They also receive recognition on the PPDM website and in various publications related to each project. Industry sponsored projects are initiated to create specific products or methodologies other than the PPDM Relational Data Model. Projects are sponsored by Industry and directed by a steering committee nominated from the sponsor companies.

Learn more Work Group Sponsorship and Participation here or contact projects@ppdm.org for more information.

Foundations: The Journal of the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association

Published in hard and soft copy formats to more than 2,600 people, Foundations offers feature articles, profiles and technical updates which provide excellent insight into key issues and initiatives in the E&P data management industry.

For more information about Foundations advertising opportunities, please refer to our Foundations Media Kit .