Volunteer Opportunities

The PPDM Association is looking for volunteers now in a variety of areas. To learn more about these roles, please contact us at volunteer@ppdm.org.


Regional Leadership Teams
The core of the community, Regional Leadership teams are organized in areas where the PPDM Association holds regular events and activities – Calgary, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Midland, Oklahoma City, Denver, Australia West (Perth), Australia East (Brisbane/Adelaide) and Europe (London, Aberdeen and virtual events). We are also building a Leadership Team for the Data as a National Resource (DANR) Program (National Oil Companies or Regulators/Government members). The Leadership Team member role involves three key items – event organization, feedback on behalf of the community and community building. We are currently recruiting on all Leadership Teams.

Editorial Committee
The Editorial Committee works on the content of the Data Examiner. There are a variety of roles available with the Editorial Committee including approving abstracts, reviewing and commenting on submitted abstracts, and providing ideas and content for articles. Authors are also needed to regularly submit articles.

Professional Development

Certification Committee
The Certification Committee is made up of subject matter experts dedicated to advancing professional development through certification programs, including our Certified Petroleum Data Analyst (CPDA™) credential. This committee oversees the governance of the CPDA™ credential. We are seeking volunteers to join this committee and its communications sub-committee. Current CPDAs are encouraged to participate in this committee.

Professional Development Committee
The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is currently recruiting subject matter experts to help with multiple streams of activity. Current streams include the PD online training catalogue, Surveys (Job Market Survey), Outreach (Conference presentations, etc.) and the Job Families (Competency Framework, Job Descriptions, etc.). You can learn more about the PDC through our Career Tools page.


Reference Values List
The Reference Values Group is active and growing sets of lists that are maintained by the PPDM Association reference values tool. We are currently seeking volunteers with experience with Seismic. If you would like to contribute values or participate in this work group, please contact us.

We are seeking assistance from industry professionals passionate about data quality to contribute the data rules team. Rules committee members review current rules for evergreening, review new rules and work on building rules as needed.

What is a Facility – Phase 2
The What is a Facility group is recruiting volunteers for the upcoming Phase 2 of this toolkit . Volunteers and industry experts are needed to help build semantic definitions in the facilities area, both in petroleum and new energies. Please note that funding is required for this project to go forward.

Data Objects
The Data Objects Group is recruiting volunteers for this longer-term committee. Contribute to and define container-neutral data objects and sub- objects . Please note that funding is required for this to go forward.